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friday 12/10/2018

I sold all ghoonbones & behemoth, no more available.

thursday 11/10/2018

Porah for reference

Looking to trady my Elya Cr 0xp for Nemo Mt any xp

edited by DarthDaivansh thursday 11/10/2018, 14:38

Je vends:

Mclayton 0 XP [160x] (21.5k par piece)
Ielena 0 XP [3x] et complètement [22] (120k par piece)
Kit-E 0 XP [11x] (69k par piece)
Chiara CR 0 XP [50x] (150k par piece)

payer en cartes avec une valeur réelle de 1M + ou clintz!


I just got them in my PS thanks for looking out I totally forgot to close this after I spoke to you smiley oh and if you see another one for cheap grab itsmiley

I buy immediately all your Dookor OXp for 90k / each. max - 50 units.
If you have the 50 Dookor Oxp, I pay 95k / each.(Only for complet lot)

MP for me!!!smiley

wednesday 10/10/2018

Hello guys
I research cards :

Caciope 0 exp (1,9k/unity)
Crystal 0 exp (5,5k/unity)
Lilith 0 exp (3,2k/unity)
Mindy 0 exp (3,5k/unity)
Narendra 0 exp (2,5k/unity)
Titus 0 exp (3,4k/unity)
Unagi 0 exp (1,7k/unity)
Wilhem 0 exp (3,4k/unity)
Zdrone 0 exp (8k/unity)

Please, put your cards in my private sales smiley

Up. Now looking for any offers for silver, gold collectors and rares and uncomons above 200 000 clintz. I will consider all variants, CRs mentioned above are a priority. I will make 10% discount for cash offers

Also possible :

My 2x DJ Korr Cr 0xp
Your 115x Oon Cr 0xp


I'm closing thread.

tuesday 09/10/2018

Trading my Blaaster Cr 0xp 1150k for your full xp #b mappe 2000k. I add 850k clintz.
Send me your copy for 850k!

Hello !

Eddie Cr 0xp

PDD : 1000ctz

J'accepte le cash et les cartes qui m'intéressent.
Fin : Aujourd'hui à 19h (donc dernier message a 18:59:59)

Bonne chance !

How do I do that i don't know how to find the setting

Shao Xue lot is divisible smiley

Intrested in buying No love for around 1.8m/1.9m pm me if anybody is intrested

monday 08/10/2018

You might consinder checking your settings so that i can sent you a answer

I'm looking for jackie cr and dounia mt
Or I'm selling for 2 500 000
If you're interested pm me

My cannibal jo cr 0xp + 300k for sumsam cr + lao cr + elya cr

Thanks for this super useful information bro. @HomieJesus

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