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monday 25/12/2017


I am interested in #General Cr (currently est. at 15m)

For this I offer 1 x #Nemo Cr 0xp (3.3m) + 1 x #Behemoth 0xp (570k) + 11m cash!

Let me know if you are interested! smiley

Hi guys i would like to trade

4 Kerozinn Cr 3 0xp and 9 lost hog cr 0xp for your 3 nemo cr any xp

For the next 30 minutes only, I'll chuck in 2 x Grace 0xp (50k) to anyone who accepts the trade. smiley

Sent blayn

Sent big boss

I offer the next:

#Behemoth x6 (590k) 0exp for #Nemo Cr (3.5M) 0exp
Serafina x21 (430k) 0exp + #Charlie x7 (170k) for #Nemo Cr x3 (3.5M) 0exp.

Thats all TY!

1 Ymirah Cr 0xp and 4 Noctezuma Cr 0xp for 1 Nemo smiley

I'm still up for this btw smiley

Hirnwasser i still wait your #nemo cr 0 xp smiley

Merry Christmas to all,

i'm in search of Flavio Cr 0xp 2.7m

in exchange i have;
70 Mim 0xp 30k/each
80 Faiza 0xp 45k/each
30 Shayna 0xp 40k/each
10 #Vixen 0xp 40k/each
10 Regina 0xp 45k/each

Flavio: 500k cash + cards

Good evening all, my next bargain trade for today is that I'm trading 120 Grace 0xp (24k/t = 2.88M) + Kinichaw Cr 0xp (150k) = (3.03M) against a Nemo Cr 0xp

I can only do this offer one time, first come first served. smiley

Santa is coming ! 190 Lee Long 0xp 85k/each !

Merry Xmas everyone !

As title says my xantiax robb full xp for nemo 0xp

Option 1 newblood lot
2 Marshall
2 Serafina
1 shinobi
Option 2 Cr lot
1 Sylth Cr
1 Mechakolos
1 dalhia cr
1 zatman full
1 copper full
1 cortez 0xp
Thanks pm is open for inquiries have a great day! Merry Christmas!

Found 1 and need more. Only option 2 available now smiley

I offer my nemo full + lin bee cr 0 xp for your nemo 0!!

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