sunday 17/09/2017

Sold smiley , still looking for a serafine though , i can pay 250k clintz + karl

Tempting.. LOL

7 Dorian full (30K)

For Lara Hate (210K)

2 Dorian Full

for ARN 2000

3 Dorian Full

for Maa-IA

1 Dorian Full

for Hermosa

Yep, I truly know he's nice and this is a really generous and useful deed there... Kind people 'should' be people who want to get attention, but hell no, please, they're just kind people, come on, don't bash them smiley

saturday 16/09/2017

Looking for Emeth Marco Schatzi Slyth Trading Serafina and Dakota

Hello havent played this game in over 3 years, came back and had these as CR cards
Looking for kenny or jackie offer anything that you think is good.

Thanks for looking

390k Full XP
425k Oxp

20 left now

Raining want me to help with that XD

Looking for Lots of Crs, Tourney decks, lookin for offers.

Oh right, don't forget to try and join the lotteries hosted by players here. You might be able to win a good card. Just join the events and they'll roll a number when the deadline comes. You are not actually going to have to join a battle or anything of the sort.

friday 15/09/2017

Unfortunately not. a friend of mine gave it me since he stopped playing

Trading my General for Guru, Kiki or Dj Korr

Hello wanting to trade or purchase a Dj korr cr (9m) I have to offer

Ndololo cr 0xp 1.8m
Rass Cr 0xp 1.7m
Splata Cr 0xp 1.3m
Dragan cr full xp 1.6m
Lao cr 0xp 2m
Cannibal joe 0xp 530k


Hello all i buy Mortenzen 0xp 3,3k/unit directly in my private smiley


thursday 14/09/2017

17K each I accept trades (MT, Collector, 0xp only) offer


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