sunday 29/03/2009

saturday 28/03/2009

C'mon were on 17 people... 3 spots left untill recruitment closes!!!

I think you gotten a little mixed up darlkore your only level 11 most people are at least level 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bump more members needed

Looking for anyone and everyone that is active and is abou fair play. Any levels anytime....We are a new group so looking forward to growing bigger than ever and having fun.We do activly help each other out to by trading and tips and strategies.Here is the link=

friday 27/03/2009

Delete please

We are a new guild looking for some members to increase our numbers.

Join us

thursday 26/03/2009

Gain one more level and join Urban Madness

Ok join the lucky shadows were not a huge guild but we do alot of fun stuff

Try the acdemy it is a great way to level up and then move onto a powerful guild.

Please closesmiley

Good job cat.

takeing care of your kittens

wednesday 25/03/2009

Found a guild, you may close this subject

Join The M.O.B

Still recruiting members and admin positions to aid in the growth of the Order of the Avid Philosopher.

I a chess man i am looking for a good, strong guild

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