wednesday 19/04/2017

Value Tan at 445k

Value Spiaghi Cr at: 7k

Toro Cr at: 38k

I got 3 Gibson 0xp (8k market price)

Adding a free toro cr

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tuesday 18/04/2017

All in you private sales

Hi! i trade my 2 dounia cr 0xp (220k). i accept all cards with a minimum price of 50k and the cash. my pm are open smiley

estimate the card you search and aswell the offer.

I Have:
1 Maana Cersei (0 exp) (165,000)
1 Quetzal (0 exp) (140,000)

looking to trade them for X amount of Fanny (any exp) - her current lowest price is 4200
For Maana Cersei - 40 Copies of Fanny
For Quetzal - 33 Copies of Fanny

Kalindra 0 Xp=470k

I accept cards over 40k

monday 17/04/2017

Sent a Cortez 0 XP your way buddy.

Hello I'm looking to trade the following full xp plus comp for 0xp

Lao cr + graks cr
Elya cr + graks cr
Flávio cr + graks cr

Up up

I want to swap it today smiley

Hi everybody smiley

I'm looking for Guru Cr (9.9M) or DJ Korr Cr (9.4M) full exp (if they are 0xp it's not a problem) and you can choose between these Cr full exp that I'm proposing:

Rass Cr (2.6M)
Lao Cr (1.8M)
Seldnor Cr (410k)
Geuner Cr (300k)
Diyo Cr (125k)
Selsya Cr (435k)
Sigmund Cr (1.2M)
Berserkgirl Cr (1.6M)
Flavio Cr (2M)
Ambrose Cr (425k)
Dwain Cr (370k)
Thaumaturge Cr (280k)
Ombre Cr (440k)
Shawoman Cr (1.92M)
Beltran Cr (310k)
Page Cr (145k)
Aldebaran Cr (1.6M)
A Award Cr (300k)
Reine Cr (530k)
Melissa Cr (325k)
Skullface Cr (325k)
Swidz Cr (275k)
Jim Cr (420k)
Elya Cr (1.2M)

Thank you in advance smileysmileysmiley

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