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thursday 07/12/2017

18 Oon Cr 0exp + 20k for Kero 0exp?

16M for any XP Lyse or Kiki Cr. smiley

Thanks for another auction rudra! smiley

Let me change that, Im willing to sell it for 2.75M and you can still haggle, post your offers below.

wednesday 06/12/2017

Or any EXP 1.5M

This is now Closed. Card is not sold as reserve price not met.

Also will be re-evaluating the above cards as prices have shifted since original post. smiley

Hi, Sigmund Cr + A Award Cr

Looking to buy a quetzal from the huracan for 600k any EXP!

Sending card to you!!!

I will close this tread then (:

Trading my Kiki Cr(full) for Guru Cr + 2m or #dj korr + 2m.
Any xp.
Pm me.

You can close this,ty

#Cannibal Jo Cr

Closed. Contact via pm if you're interested.

Sorry. Spyke Cr gone, no longer looking for Judge Lynch

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