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wednesday 15/04/2009

I applied to elite army

tuesday 14/04/2009

Try http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=426502

Close this thread he joined upperclass

If you want try guild with powet

I'm serious about having that helping hand so if you want to be a center point of a starting guild before it gets bigger... come on board.

monday 13/04/2009

Apolline is recruiting lvls 10+. were a new guild just started a few days ago. must be active at least once a week in the forums...we also have pie and cookies and sometimes brownies...._>

sunday 12/04/2009

I say join.
Its fun and active than most guilds
and we make events
join today

If you are interested in or obsessed with music you must join this guild.


You only need to play a musical instrument and be at least level 10.

You need to be level 15 if you do not play an instrument. EX)Bass,Guitar,Trombone,Drums,Piano,Violin,Cello,ect.

We are laid back guild looking for another moderator. If you are interested just request. You will be answered in 2-4 days.

Good luck and enjoy. Red faces cannot be admins.

Join winter strikers we are very active in the guild message board and a growing guild

saturday 11/04/2009

Nice Active Guild Here If You Want To Join

This is a good guild and talkative in guild message board

Hehehe, thanks smiley;;

friday 10/04/2009

Im afraid he will never bu cured lol

Accepting members of all levels; must use montana, pirana, nightmare,and gheist

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