tuesday 14/02/2017

*mind = blown*


Je vends...
2 Veenyle Cr pour 70k/t

VP smiley

I accept your D4 Funk

I'm looking to get a xantiax Robb 0xp for 2 quetzals plus whatever the amount is left over in clintz

Glob me outside, how bow dah?

monday 13/02/2017

Hello everyone!

Im selling/trade 1 Lao Cr and I'm looking for 2062090 Clintz.

I'm looking any of this cards:
- Cash 
- Ymirah Cr = 600k
- Jim Cr = 400k
- Tanaereva Cr = 400k
- Dounia Cr = 300k
- Blaaster Cr = 250k
- Robb Cr = 150k
- Kenny Cr = 150k

Private Sale (VP).


For 12 Noctezuma cr 0xp !


Haaaaaaan... I have 20k to buy Globs...

Hi guys. any kind man can sell me Xrobb for 1million please ... any XP

We have a deal, sir.

Done!!!! smiley

I trade Guru cr for 10M5 clintz.

I want :

- Cash
- General cr
- Playable cr like Splata cr, Tessa cr...

Send me a PM to negociate smiley

Any left?

I sell Splata Cr 0 exp for 1.400.000 clintz.

@jerromy pick a good deck
And play 50 tourney you can aim 2 gold tokenz per tourney
So maybe you'll get manon cr or same worth card so you can trade those cards for manon cr
That's it smileysmiley

I can offer a Vickie full (1 million) instead of a Tan Man
This is an increase of 530K

sunday 12/02/2017

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