friday 13/10/2017

No sorry

Schatzi 600k not seradina sorry

Please write the name of the card and prize plzz sell them cheap

I rather have clinz in my account but invest in good cards as soon i see a good invest smiley and sell later for profit why because i didnt reached the 100m clinz yet thats why when i do i buy all the cards i guess smiley HAPPY END.

I'll sell you 2.25k copies of one card if you can guess it.

Already bought 6x Quetzal 0xp.

Still looking for:

- 3x Serafina 0xp (1: 400k; 2: 410k/un; 3: 425k/un)
- 1x Maana Cercei 0xp/fullxp (310k)

thursday 12/10/2017

Would love if someone could sell her to me

Looking to buy Guru cr and Kiki Cr
i am willing to pay in full cash if you make me a good enough offer

Selling Dj Korps 0XP x72, looking for 3M6 for the lot. Would consider trades for bigger CR's. Feel free to PM me.

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