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sunday 24/09/2006

I have mort bax and tafa both at full level for both 1000?

U might as well put it in the market, cuz i can tell u now that no 1 is gonna buy it from u here

Yur a noob smp4010

Lol try harder dude.

Ill buy your nobrocybix for 300

I will trade my card for ur cards

Will trade amy for no nam

I will give u razor 4 700

I will give u a Nobrocybix (C) for 400 clikz

Trade for Nobrocybix (C)

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I do i have it right now

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I have one trade for 4000 clikz

saturday 23/09/2006

I need decent cards..... i nearly have 500 clitz what can i buy?

FedRez ok, 2cool is not posting so check your private sales

I got the others all i need is Amiral Py (U) how much clintz you want for him.

Bad news, he can't trade smiley

KO Fighters Club is perfect for you. If you need some tips and wanna build a strong deck, my guild is the best choice !

I got a maxed python and I'm interested in baby Q
I got all Junta character except General and Gertrud

I have bunch of characters, but i may not have the one you'll need, let me know what yall want and we will work something out.

friday 22/09/2006

Too bad he can't trade...

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