friday 20/03/2009

Hi ive just started a new guild and i need some players!
pm if you want to join!

Over 18 lvl for admission

This a Great friendly clan open to all with the best benefits! We also are about to open our own site!

Join Uchiha clan open to all players

I love anime put i have great guild here sry .

here is your guild link smiley :

Anime Lovers

Please close, not to offend anybody but close this one or the other ones.

Please close this one or the other one.

Please close, guild was destroyed.......can you tell I'm bored?

......found another thread, please close

Mods please close.

Please close

Hey Matey! Would You Like To Join The Guild "Forever Forgotten"?

This guild is for anyone who loves TNA Impact!
We go over what happened in the show and talk about it.
We have fun along the way and even join tournament.

Apply if your interested!!smileysmileysmiley

thursday 19/03/2009

We need a few ore players, give Gods of the Dragons a look.

Come over to my guild, i even have a few freaks for sale in out guild market

We are good 29th in us
We are competive
We are Growing Still
We Are fun
We need you!!

wednesday 18/03/2009

For this guild you have to be higher then level 30 only four will be allowed or more. the higher the better chance.

Never Mind.......

My guild has no level requirement but u must use nightmare gheist pirana or montana cards we are the gangsta guild

Looking for active guilds out there. My last guild was so inactive and it wasn't so much fun. Hope I can find a better one.

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