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monday 23/03/2009

Ok I changed the lvl requirement.. Its now only lvl 35 to join.. smiley

MiddleWare Looks Promising But Will Not Join

Still looking for players. Admins needed as well!!


Looking for mates. Admins needed as well!

This guild is made for people from all over the world, who believe, that nationality,
religion, or the colour of the skin are not important things in human life.
Humanity and open mind is what really matters.

If you are at least level 20 and you have at least green smiley, feel free to join.
If you don't fulfil these conditions, but still want to join, contact one of the admins.


come join me and start a very new guild
looking for admins and others plz join

Yes, I am looking for newbs to come to my guild! I am promoting a fun and respectful guild with opportunity to meet friends, share ideas and help everyone out with the learning curve of this game.

So come on over to Sons Of Anarchy !!


sunday 22/03/2009

Still need more members dont be shy

Dude we already have one, its just not the first page. please close.

this is the founder. speaking. please respect my wishes.

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I have been in some inactive guilds lately and hoping that I can join a active guild. I'm level 25 and I play mostly all modes whenever I feel like it. I usually play in Fight rooms with type 1 or type 2 decks. smiley

saturday 21/03/2009

Sorry a little error must be level 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking For New Active Members Of Lvl 24 and up

This will be a active and fun guild

there will be some giveaways ,guild events and fun enjoyable forums

So Join guild:488608

Come on people join


I'm, basically, an ELO player
I've been playing urban rivals for almost a year, and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please see the description to see what the guild is about


Open to all!

JOIN MY GUILD...ITS FRENSH.....but i dont speak it

Hay we are accepting you

But the best way is to get some credits

smiley we ar recruiting people into our guide its mostly for people of pacific heritage eg new zealanders, austrailians , islanders but if your from anywhere else its fine too come join our guild we need more friends


Only ELO guild! Must have average of 1150+ per week!
Weekly giveaways to 2 top ELO players (random cards)
also must be active to get card.. (guild board active)
and WE HAVE FUN! EVENTS ALSO!!! try it out!

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