tuesday 03/03/2009

Hello to everybody!

Wanna take your shot with one of the best guild in UR?

guild:466288 is currently looking for some players!

Watch out, we are only takin level 50+ and ELO BEAST !

mp me for more information!

monday 02/03/2009

Bump. ok our first tourney is done and our leader won, because he got to play more of use (alot of his cousins are in the clan, but they dont play much) so we are still looking for a new admin, we have 3 me, Hybrid King and lltnkwater. we still would like a lvl 40 member just so we can do events which would be much easier then tourney organized by us in our private room. a lvl 40 is an aotu-admin becuase of this, so if you close to 40 or are over 40 and looking for a guild, we could really use you.

Here's Your Guild Link: guild:472662 =]

Fair Tigers are recruiting and are looking for players, we always aim to be the best, we are currently ranked 1st in India come and join Fair tigers!


Come on it's fun

sunday 01/03/2009

New Guild up and running. Taking people Lvl. 20 and up at least. Come give it try. Promote brotherhood and respect.


All welcome no rules except have fun and dont be afraid to get involved with all events we will help where we can http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=313398

saturday 28/02/2009

Close this thread please, the guild has been disbanded

Feeder guild for one of the best guilds in UR. JOIN

Hi welcome...enjoy

I am looking for a guild that is active and has tournaments in their guild

Join us to be the best... I will hold many events,prizes and such.
We are looking for active,players that are beastly.
Join us http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=470553
School of anarchy!

we are similiar to the main guild but for people who are 35 below. Here's the link if u want to join the main guild, but you gotta be higher than lvl 35.

Link ---->guild:431342

New Croatian guild has opened, if you are from Croatia feel free to apply, if not from Croatia you must be at least lv 20 or rank Veteran and up. One exception has been accepted by now because of the guild shut down rule.

The Forgotten Legion of Xillaz is a fun, active guild with alot of friendly faces

we host tournament, giveaways, games, advice and great conversations and much much more

we always help each at the forgotten legion of xillaz recruiting lvl 30+

also we are doing a new leveling scheme for low level players but u must be very active to be able to join our guild you have to be lvl 15 to lvl 29 to be in training academy you win prizes for the player who has gained the most levels for that week also on sundays will be training mayhem were we train up the lower levels so come on folks and join us (link below) and get a nice warm welcome.....


Update: Current member count is at 3, so we need at least one more to be able to stay. So if you are interested in a fun and intelligent new guild, give us a thought. smiley

Check out guild:395712. If you are only looking for a british only guild check out guild:422953

Found a guild. Close please.

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