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wednesday 18/03/2009

For this guild you have to be higher then level 30 only four will be allowed or more. the higher the better chance.

Never Mind.......

My guild has no level requirement but u must use nightmare gheist pirana or montana cards we are the gangsta guild

Looking for active guilds out there. My last guild was so inactive and it wasn't so much fun. Hope I can find a better one.

SimonW's Movie Reviews: Tank Girl

Well, what can one say about Tank Girl? Quite a lot actually!
Tank Girl is a 1995 film based off a comic book (and character who first appeared in UK comic book Deadline) of the same name.
Directed by Rachel Talalay (known mostly for directing TV Shows) who also produced the 1988 film version of Hairspray and The Borrowers (1997).
The main cast features some unlikely stars, but who are we to complain?
Taking the main role of Tank Girl is Lori Petty and her sidekick Jet Girl is played by Naomi Watts, who appears later in the film.

Before we go into this film's plot, I want people to know we are on the journey through Rebecca's (Tank Girl) own re-telling of the story. We as the audience follow her along throughout the movie, because the movie is named after her and she is the main character after all. And we are also treated to a comic-book aspect of this movie, where at times it shows scenes or introductions of characters in comic-book form. But it is mostly used where there are possibly the most expensive scenes to shoot would be. But, it works despite this.

The main setting of the film is in 2033 A.D (After Death) and the Earth is a desolate wasteland after an asteroid hit it, making water very scarce and hard to come across. What is left of water is controlled mainly by Water & Power (W&P), led by a sadistic man in a black suit called Kesslee (played by Malcolm McDowell).

(to be continued...)

We are like 42 in the US
We are fun and easy going and we are able to create events

tuesday 17/03/2009

Why do you need more members ? You have like 70 members . smiley


monday 16/03/2009

Thanks Dead Sum Sam

U could join anime lovers

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=407038 Join Destructive Nature We are Rank Tenth In America

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=407038 Join Destructive Nature

Yes U we are funand is will to help so join http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=407038

Hello, Im sargexaero, im new to the game. just started playing yesterday.
Looking for some help and a few friends/guild. I just want some fun guys
that are helpful and are just about having a good time. message me back

Just introducing myself. I haven't found a reason to join any guild yet, and I'm not sure if there are any benefits in joining a guild, but what I do know is I'd like to find out. I'm a very social person, so inherently I'm curious to see what could be out there in terms of guilds. I'd like further training in UR, so I'd guess a guild would be the next step. I understand all of the basic and some of the advanced techniques. smiley

So, just saying hello to any possible guilds out there looking for a level 9 lowbie to take up and teach. I'm a really big computer geek, and I stopped playing WoW for awhile and I found this, which is much more casual-friendly.

sunday 15/03/2009

Title says it all basicly .. i was n a guild that was unactive so i had to leave.. i like an active guild.. forums..events..etc.. nething! active!..also more into an all elo guild plz.

Anyone were growing auto admin invite anyone

Even though the guild Slick and Smooth is fairly new to UR all are welcome as the only thing asked to for its players to be active smiley I myself am normally on in the evenings so I will probably always be found plus I always to help out those who need it in my guild smiley

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=483456 Join today ^__smiley__smiley__^

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