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sunday 15/03/2009

Join mine the ultimate showdown

saturday 14/03/2009

Ok i'll leave my guild and join yours

I would like to join....Im active and still need some improving...But overall im pretty good... Message me back if i can join or not...

We are having a great time

Please close

It is easy to be admin and allot of fun it is the second one when you look it up and what you have to do to become an admin is you have to be 10 + and we currently have 3 admins and me the founder some players under level ten will be accepted as admins if they beat me in a battle

here is the url


We are a 21+ guild who are mostly active...

We do events and guild fights... We have a website at http://godzwar.webs.com/index.htm
And a chatroom too! Just pm me for that

guild:478029 Join if u wish...

Also guild website at http://godzwar.webs.com/index.htm And for chat site just pm me

friday 13/03/2009

We give advice to ppl in our guild about deck strategies and all that. Put it, we're just a good place to start out if you're new

thursday 12/03/2009

smiley I just started a couple of days ago, and I'm really trying to get into this game. Right now I have a very poor team, although I seem to do all right with them for the most part. I'm looking for a guild and some assistance in building a good deck with good characters. Thanks in advance!

Good luck I also wondered if there were any real Japanese who play this game because most profiles with a Japanese flag have French text in them =P

When you reach level 15 you can join my guild they are really friendly =)

Urban Madness Academy

バイバイ smiley

Okay, it looks like SOA is all good now. any other low level players wanna join, feel free to come on in!


wednesday 11/03/2009

Hey. Please join. You must be 20 or higher to join.

Here is the site : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=440219

Thank You!

You're perfect for my guild!

SB is recruiting ! smiley

We search people the level 20 have reached.
Of course,you can come also with a higher level
.We offer you:
Nice people
A Cardmarket
An English forum
And a LOT of fun
I hope you will appear numerously


Here is our Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=226839

Benvenuti pure italiani

Looking for latin people to join my GUILD.. buscendo a jente latina para que se unan a mi GUILD

Looking for a guild to join? The Death Dealers was created especially for newcomers (levels 5 to 10) who are looking for a guild dedicated to helping its members in any way possible and becoming stronger fighters. What you can expect once you join the guild: guild battles, constructive criticism if you're looking for it, info exchange, trading and selling among guild members, strategy discussions, and more. So if you're anywhere between levels 5 and 10 (some exceptions might be made for slightly higher levels), join The Death Dealers and become part of the best guild ever to hit Clint City.

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