saturday 28/02/2009

Come join the guild iAreNoodles for noodle lovers like me and Hattori,
We will have weekly tournaments and the winner could get up to 10k worth of clintz,
This will be exclusivly guild only, so come and join, meet and make friends and be a noodle lover.
Level 10+ Members please.


friday 27/02/2009

I'm a level 25 looking to help out new guilds by staying long enough for the guild to get enough members.
Please pm me with requests.
Thank you.

Please join this guild. Ive made a few successful guilds before but I want this one to be the best. Please help me. smiley

Join the Legends

A guild i started so the little guy can be in guild. No level min. I wil be more than happy to let anyone join just ask.


Be a noodle Lover and Join the Noodle Nation XDDDDD

We are a good guils with about 20 members and were looking for new and active members that can post on the message boards and have fun with the guild

Close please

Raving rabbids guild,fun active and giveaways

Close pls

I think you can Join "Elite Army" Were pretty active and have weekly giveaways etc.. smiley

G'Night smiley


thursday 26/02/2009

Please add a link to your guild smiley

Close please

Shadow Seekers Are Now Recruting New Members. If Your Looking For A Great Guild , Then This Is The One For You! All Our Members Will Help With Tatics, Stragities That You Might Need Help With, We will Also Help Out With Any CARDS You Might Need. Come Join Today!
Here Is The Link--->


Lvl 15+ But We Do Make Exceptions!

You Can Join By The Link Or If You Have Any Questions Message Me (pitifulfilth)

Pls close

wednesday 25/02/2009


You're welcome. smiley

Don't Cry Just Fry!
Without Woman, we can't exist. Without Woman, true, we cry a lot less. But there will be no fry in the house. This humble guild is a tribute to all my sisters in Urban Rivals community! Live life, love women!! ELO 1300+ or level 30+ minimum is needed to join. So join now!

this is the link:

WCP2733883 Is not a member of any guild.

Join Elite Army smiley
We too have Giveaways Aswell as tournaments and friendly people smiley

EA_Ozerules smiley

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