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friday 06/03/2009

Mods they have two threads for the same guild. Close one.

thursday 05/03/2009

Plz close

Hey guys - I just started up a super casual guild. I suppose it's intended for fellow Firefly fans, but everyone's welcome (providing you're mildly literate and pleasant to communicate with...in any language).

Drop me a note or click 'apply' if you're interested or have any questions.


Hi all I just joined this site I am lookinf for some new friends and some people to help me with out with cards so PM me if you wanna talk.

Please PM me.


Looking for a british guild who can make me laugh as i own people on this game.

Hey guys and gals, we are a u.k guild who accept english speaking members
we organise tourniments within the guild and just have a laugh whilst playing the game to make it more interesting and fun

is where to find us

Unfortunatly we are only accepting those who have over 10,000 battle points but if your just under we shall squeeze you in smiley

wednesday 04/03/2009

I am looking for players over 5 to join smiley guild and see if they like to join soo we can make a big movement to ealry making to get leveling up fastersmiley for every one who willling to join. Welcome if u willing to join
Thank You smiley

Anyone 20+ can join as long as you attempt ELO.

tuesday 03/03/2009

Hello to everybody!

Wanna take your shot with one of the best guild in UR?

guild:466288 is currently looking for some players!

Watch out, we are only takin level 50+ and ELO BEAST !

mp me for more information!

monday 02/03/2009

Bump. ok our first tourney is done and our leader won, because he got to play more of use (alot of his cousins are in the clan, but they dont play much) so we are still looking for a new admin, we have 3 me, Hybrid King and lltnkwater. we still would like a lvl 40 member just so we can do events which would be much easier then tourney organized by us in our private room. a lvl 40 is an aotu-admin becuase of this, so if you close to 40 or are over 40 and looking for a guild, we could really use you.

Here's Your Guild Link: guild:472662 =]

Fair Tigers are recruiting and are looking for players, we always aim to be the best, we are currently ranked 1st in India come and join Fair tigers!


Come on it's fun

sunday 01/03/2009

New Guild up and running. Taking people Lvl. 20 and up at least. Come give it try. Promote brotherhood and respect.


All welcome no rules except have fun and dont be afraid to get involved with all events we will help where we can http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=313398

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=470188 smiley smiley

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