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friday 04/05/2007

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smileyi will sell them to u rite now

Ohhh sorry i don`t speak english verry wellsmiley

WAW mah e cam scumpa lyse teryasmiley

I'm trading my maxed Hugo for a Charlie [ doesn't matter what lvl, lvl 3 or higher plz smiley ] card cuz I accidentally sold it instead of a different card. So plz if you have a Charlie, and want a Hugo, then trade me!smiley plz

thursday 03/05/2007

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I had one ,,, , but i can not sold ( not yet purchase kredit ) can exchange the card ?

smileydeal i'll sell him to u now

Hello, I'm looking for Marina
Anyone who wants to sell it for me jus PM me

Sorry.. I'm forget to udpate my message.
I just sold Nanook. smiley

smileythe name's angry i thinkthat a pretty good offer when u get this message email angry then i will sell them what ur name so when u email me i sell them tu u bye .smiley

7 messages

Im sorru i do not have enough clintz to offer you at the moment

smiley Sorry but Ican't sell... Can I buy it instead?

I have him but i can't sell it because i havent bought and credits

I will buy any cheap lvl 1 characters, I do not care who it is.

Or I will accept a Charlie. Level 3 or higher plzsmileysmiley

I know but im hoping that someone with a spare Morphun will trade mesmiley

wednesday 02/05/2007

Lol at least 8000

Have ambros jim hugo morpuhn dwain for trade

One more update:

Brandon (max)
Bunny (max)
Kawan (max)
No Nam (level 4)
Aldo (max)
Mort Bax (level 3, close to 4th)
Noon Steevens (max)
Tania (max)
Wee Lee (close to max)

I really want that Morphun card smiley

Plz close topid, marina is allready sold and i have all the cards allready

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