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wednesday 31/01/2007

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good luck and have fun everybody...
PS: i wonder how it will be about these soleil collectors, now that everybody knows and have achieved tons of them... some of them might be cheaper than when they were in packs LOOL... everyone has at least 10 cards of each smiley) we'll live and we'll see smiley

tuesday 30/01/2007

Well then, off to buy myself a Dragan, though I am to cheap to buy it at the market. So it works like his:
I'm looking for a Dragan, priced (reasonably) roughly 30-33k. I'll check on my incoming privates if I see one I shall buy it. Sure,it ain't the market value, but then again you'll get it sold. I could consider som trading aswell. Altough I'm currently only sitting on Reine of any real value. But if you'd like I could swap it for dragan and let's say... 25k clitz inbetween. Sounds fair? Well, send me a message or a private.

That's all for me.

Cheers Tias

I got 9 now nigga smileysmileysmiley
i'm goin to try to get al de soleil cards...
only to go is Dragan ... (wich i just sold smileysmiley)
A Award ...and two others... don't know the names

Berserkgirl Cr

Please give me price

monday 29/01/2007

Sorry,canceling the sale, just noticed the staff announcement

Arkadaslar bu kag%u0131t satma olay%u0131 nas%u0131l ya tamm sat%u0131n al%u0131yosda nas%u0131 sat%u0131yos bilen varm%u0131smileysmileysmiley

sunday 28/01/2007

He can't sell anyway

The news cards from the "soleil' collection will be collector in about 6 month, so people are just crazy about it and they are selling cards like dragan at a very high price.

17 k for your dragan

I'll give you 4000 for Rosa ... if you like it..
put it in my private sales

"... Moreover, don't forget that each character from Soleil graphic novels is available in the pack only during 6 months! The characters from Kookaburra won't be available as of March 2007, followed by those from the Arcanes in April, and so on... Don't wait too long to get them! "

This is an official announcement from the Urban Rivals newsletter. Hurry!

For more info, check the latest post by Mac Leod in the Staff announcements.

Soz don't have them at lvl1.

Please check your PM. Thanks.

friday 26/01/2007

Ill sell her to you for 10k and shes maxed. send a messge to my inbox if you want.

hot 54 messages

Sigmund cr i will give u 5k

Yes put it in my private sales waiting for 1000 clintz

I have william give me a price

15k for charlie?

I will take both put in private sells. thanks

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