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sunday 01/04/2007

Do u anything from Roots to change for Perle?

Oh yeah, btw, clintz offer only please

Anyone want to sell me one?

saturday 31/03/2007

How do u trade

Look at my profile dude. I've got a few fang pi clang cards. They're cheap, I would appreciate if you can offer more. smiley

friday 30/03/2007

Macy i sell you reine 35,000 already maxed!smiley

I want level max, so XU52 on lvl 5

Yes, in order to be able to sell cards you have to buy at least once some credits ( by phone or credit card) in the shop

Now elya is out and saddy doesn't need anymore
I want to trade wee lee for juicy lord (must maxed)

I want to trade my maxed Charlie(U) for max ed Baby Q (R).
Give me me a message

Oh ok here i lowered them abit

thursday 29/03/2007

And i'll buy Naruto (N/A) for 500 clintz lol

I will give u 1200 for nahi, if u accept, make me private sell and write it here that u accept

I'm still selling Cr !!!!!

you should contact me smiley serious buyer only.... if you plan to ask for a general at 200.000 don't waste your time and mine smiley

Kate charges tax which is about 5%. To avoid losing alot of cash, we trade cards for only 50 clintz.. smiley

wednesday 28/03/2007

I still need Sum Sam Cr (Cr) (Cr) 500k-600k Bangers the person i was dealing with went back on his woird tried to scam me

so still looking for theses:
Sum Sam Cr (Cr) (Cr) 500k-600k Bangers
Scarlett Cr (Cr) Pussycats - pm me your offer to sell
Manon Cr (Cr) Pussycats - pm me your offer to sell
Guru Cr (Cr) Sakrohm - pm me your offer to sell
Lao Cr (Cr) (Cr) - 140k-160k Fang Pi Clang

I need this card, offer me price or i will tell which cards i have for change

Need Robin , Otome and Lilith
Say needs

Chloe Sentinel Rare Card1 sale in progress: forsale to everybody 37000 Clintz (68h, 58min left)

Reine Sakrohm Uncommon Card1 sale in progress: forsale to everybody 27000 Clintz (69h, 42min left)

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