wednesday 11/02/2009

Dude ill join but can you get some free creds or clintz

join this guild if you want to be part of the best.
active leaderboard and a team to help you out when you need help.
just click on the link above and see potential

tuesday 10/02/2009

Looking for a few new players to help expand a growing guild.

Guild Requirements......!
Must be active on the guild message board.....
Must speak english.........

We want to interact and have a little fun.
Come an join the Soldiers of Malice......

We are starting off small but will only grow stronger.
Its a fun and active guild and new members are always welcome.

We are looking for a few new players that want to be active and have a little fun.

Guild Requirements.....

Must be active on the Guild message board.......!
Must speak English.........!
Must want to interact with other Guild Members......!

If you want to do these thing then we want you.

I forgot to add, that Fridays tourny prizes include (u) cards> in case you were wondering smiley

We are growing every day and getting even greater with every new member! Come and be part of the community now.
One day this guild and its parent guild will be famous, Join now and live the experfience!smileysmiley

This is a new clan so atm, no serious bonuses such as free card giveaways and the likes. The only thing that can be promised is: 1. a friendly environment, members who try to disrupt that will be not be tolerated 2. bonuses in the future, just be patient 3. strategy sharing, learn all you can from those more experienced

if this isnt enough, im sorry to hear that and hope you find what you are looking for. if this is enough, welcome to the Requiem of Freedom {RoF}

p.s. looking for either 2 ppl to help me run the guild as admins, most likely 1st come, 1st serve but that may not be the case

monday 09/02/2009

Hey applied to ur guild hope it stays active n peace

Is there an east coast pirates? or do u not discriminate against coast lines...

LMAO..XD father and daughter loves UR...XD

I just find the game enjoyable. I've also always enjoyed collecting cards.

Heavens Assassins.... we are assassins from heaven born to assassinate who ever gets in are way from being the top guild...!!lvl 20+ can join heavens assassains it is mainly active, When your with the guild you get special discounts on cards, and we have inter guild battles and you can win clintz!
all we ask of you is to be loyal to the guild and stay active and have fun, also we have inter-guild wars, have fun smiley

Many thanks HA_stkeogh

sunday 08/02/2009

Oh lord.... smiley

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Hello agen
no one from this guild has accepted me and i am desperate to join a guild please is ther anymor guild out ther tht will take me please?


Requirements: speak mostly Spanish, active & someone who helps the guildmates.

Nitamos mas gente que ablan espanol, son activos Y ayudan a los otros en el gremio

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