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sunday 22/02/2009

We are fun and active

saturday 21/02/2009

We have Guild tournaments at least once a week -We have Active People and Active Guild message board -We give the person who has the highest ELO point, a prize at the end of the week -Meet Nice and Friendly People smiley


Join The Demonic Crusade

friday 20/02/2009

Hi! are u looking for a good guild? we are anime lovers, and we are rercuiting. we will start our own tourneys, have many fun events, and will start our own market. here is our guilds link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=439328

The special offer only lasts an hour. you will recieve your card after you have been in the guild for 2 weeks.

**special offer** join now and get a melluzine card for 50 clintz

Close please! Thanks in advance!

HEllo i'am active....and very nice and also friendly so recruit me up

Join obamaguildofawesomeness2121

@Moderators This should be closed as of now Master Relic is now in a guild.

Thanks Cronos smiley

thursday 19/02/2009

Nice that you founded your own guild...

BUT if you were to beat some players with a lower level you can ask them to join (HINT)

Good luck

@ WPC sorry i m new but whats a PM?smiley

Join my guild and ill make u admin. like kinjo the trainer of Lost Hog im trying to find people who need help getting better or just to get good cards Thats our strangth downside is we dont have many members... yetsmiley

Fun active guild with helpful admins - msg one of the admins if you have any questions.

Lol we only have 14 members and between 10-13 lvl!! and we have 20,000+ points!

wednesday 18/02/2009

We would be glad to have you! smiley

The guild is all about TEAMwork we all put in a part. We do everything we can to HELP each other and make each other stronger. If you have question we will try to answer them, if you're trying to lvl up we will help you lvl up. Our goal is to be the most powerful, respected, and well known Guild Army in Clint City!
Tell them Commander Fox sent u
Recruiting Requirements:
- Lvl 17+
-Of any country and speak some english
-Play Fair

Join the American People smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

You could join a enw guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=460691

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