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saturday 14/02/2009

U could join anime lovers

PE is the best guild very active including giveaways, tourneys and much more!smileysmileysmiley

No 11 in all of America...who is it but the ultimate guild PE!!!

We are a friendly guild who is friendly and loves to talk, fight and mess around. We are recruiting players level 25+ and if you want a fun action filled guild this is the one to join.

Cmon a little PE doesnt hurt


friday 13/02/2009

Come join the new and expanding guild of sleeping forest~~~~!
-RECRUITING anyone who wants a guild and is active.
-Willing to help with your Collection! and just ask if your looking for any character in particular, WE CAN HELP...
-If you are active and help other members we will do the same for you!

Thanks, Zevare (admin for sleeping forest)

Yea thanks

The recruiter has been gone and should be back very soon. Once back Premium soldiers will be the guild to join!smiley

Not More Then Me .. smiley

thursday 12/02/2009

Ok well we are well... I for now are growing and i'm trying to recruit people so that it won't be deleted and to get it going becuase like all guild at the first are it is still growing.

You can expect card give aways and more from me and some of the other admins that i pick.

If you are trying to aply to be a admin you need to be lvl 20+ and have experience in UR.
And there are not too many requirements and they are not hard to meet becuase there is no requirement for level so... -phew- to all those low levels out there that are looking for a guild.
You must be able to have fun without having a heart attack or seature or any of those meticle conditions you must meet that one becuase i am not paying for all those hospital bills out there.
You have to be active in UR and in the guild.
You must speak english that is a definate must becuase i can't speak spanish or any of those languages.
The first 4 people to pm me that are lvl 20 or higher will be a admin and will have the privlage to be able to do card giveaways and more.

Here is the link to the wonderful guild of xXInfernoXx .. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=454907

Come join us people! its way fun... well not now but when we get more it will be for shore

Does this guild have a minimum level requirement?


I'm apply for the guild, please accept.

Well its a new guild but its only me so.. i'm trying to get more.
But if you don't want to join its ok and we do have card give aways becuase thats just me..
Der, lol. well here's the link

Here in the guild €€ No Woman No Fry €€,
Members excel in making you cry.
Their discipline for ELO is high;
Facing them is like wanting to die...

So if you think you're good in ELO,
Join them and watch foes tremble below.

The guild is all about TEAMwork we all put in a part. We do everything we can to HELP each other and make each other stronger. If you have question we will try to answer them, if you're trying to lvl up we will help you lvl up. Our goal is to be the most powerful, respected, and well known Guild Army in Clint City!
Tell them Commander Fox sent u
Recruiting Requirements:
- Lvl 17+
-Of any country and speak some english
-Play Fair

wednesday 11/02/2009

Hey this is a new guild for people who like the band escape the fate or if you have never heard of them they are a post-hardcore band so if you like that kind of music then join anyway or if you are just looking for a guild to join then join escape the fate. It has just started but im geting some active players shortly so if you want to join a fun guild join escape the fate !

click the link to join >> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=454010

Please close this thread.

We are now closing our guild to the public. We will reopen soon!!

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