friday 10/02/2017

What are the exact cards you are looking for ?

Xantiax Robb (0xp) + 25k vs my vickie cr full ?

Vixen 0xp 27k/t ( max 62)
Zaria 0xp 50k/t ( max 65)
Pandora 0xp 52k/t ( max 42)
Quetzal 0xp 500k/ no limite

376 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 85k/t
148 Rockwall 0xp 16k5/t
100 Agnes 0xp 4k/t
39 Herman 0xp 17k/t
50 Charlie 0xp 95k/t
45 Bodenpower 0xp 23k/t
10 Azel 0xp 7k2/t
20 Don 0xp 45k/t
20 Cassandra 0xp 16k/t
14 dorian 0xp 31k/t
38 bloodh 0xp 36k/t

6 * 120k = 720k + 80k = Globumm squared *this guy seriuzly* smiley

Send me lin xia and Koshiro, ill send you edd cr

thursday 09/02/2017

Kalindra cr full xp +25k cash for your ambrose cr 0exp

u accept ymirah cr 0xp? mp smiley

[SELL] Geuner Cr and Swidz Cr separately or [TRADE] for your Jim Cr more the difference.

Trade Over. I don`t have Henry anymore.

I have 2 0exp quetzals ymrah cr 800k that's 2.5m clintz any offers ? If not I may can offer more thanks.....Also looking for Tessa Cr

wednesday 08/02/2017

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