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thursday 19/10/2017

Accepting 11 kenny for my Lyse Teria Cr/General Cr as the price is increasing!

Hi auction at franchement forum of my 2000 Mortenzen


Up, soon ill be selling them off to kate otherwise smiley

You need to state the price of your cards.

Ymirah 1.2m /h
Dj guru Kiki ~11 m each
My offer would be 28 Ymirah cr 0 exp for all 3 coming to a total of 33.6m

I would like to trade my 4 Ymirah Cr (full xp,1.3kk each) and 4 Xantiax Robb Cr (0xp,1.5kk each) + some clintz maybe, for Guru Cr(I 'd prefer full xp)

wednesday 18/10/2017

smiley thats why i ask to send me a pm to negotiate smiley

Actually, it's 228892. But eh, (bad word) it. It's over now.

Thank you for participating and for me, this is the most competitive auction ever. This is the best auction and... I'm getting headache trying to be on track while the bids are going.

Looking to trade behemoh full 910k for serafina and other rescue + clintz or crs

Can do 11m for either one.

Oh shit whaddup thanks Babs!

tuesday 17/10/2017


X8 Mona Cr fullxp 240k/each
Toro Cr fullxp 180k

clintz only

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