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wednesday 18/10/2017

tuesday 17/10/2017


X8 Mona Cr fullxp 240k/each
Toro Cr fullxp 180k

clintz only

Hi! I want to trade my Graksxxmt (Full) for a copy of Dakota (0xp or Full) + 25k!

PM me if interested!

I can sell/trade single cards too if you are interted in smiley

Looking for tanaereva cr and xantiax robb cr pm me

5 Marlyse cr 0xp
1 Miss twice cr 3star (300xp)

monday 16/10/2017

Terms and Conditions:


- Acquiring or selling cards, Clintz or any virtual object produced by Boostr by any other means than those offered on the Website or by any other media than the Website itself: a permanent ban from the Game;



On account of this, the sale or exchange of cards, free of charge or against payment, by any other means than those provided on the Website or on any other media other than the Website itself, constitutes an infringement of the rights held by Boostr or its successors and assigns.

In short, you cannot sell your account for real cash.

Refer to this:http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/cgv.php

You can alternatively delete an account via:

-1 edd
-1 yayoi
-1 dagg

Eg Guillotinette 0xp 800/1

Hi, I buy 40 Chloe 0xp for 25k each plz smiley

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Oups smiley


I will buy Rass Cr for 1,9M !!!!!

Also have all mts, all expensive rares (except Begemoth), Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, Kalindrs Cr, many other crs

I have behemoth full xp pm me your offer i value her at market price

smileyI didn't know Virginia was up to 59k. Sorry can't help you.smiley

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