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sunday 01/02/2009

Anyway mphdragon does bite if you wanna know and also he is a dragon so it does go against what you said.,

Then join my guild
its first page uk guilds
so join us now
masterful assassins are strong

Anyone can join...dont be afraid of us

You could join 777, we will start tourneys as soon as we get more members

saturday 31/01/2009

Come join if you like.


also some guild do really communicate and interact and help each other.. smiley just got to find the right one

Shadow fang is a new guild for all players of all levels. We are friendly and with your support we will grow to new height! Our admins will be constantly at work making this awesome guild better! Join now!!! smiley

friday 30/01/2009

You could closed this.

For Now Accepting and 20+ C'mon Join Our Guild :]

Ala Rubra aka the crimson wings are recruiting. the guild is a great place to start meeting people. everyone's accepted, regardless of lvl or nationality. What better way to get strong then by having a huge team to back you up. But remember if anyone ask you who we are just tell them where an N.G.O.!


thursday 29/01/2009

Click on the guild link and it should lead you there. Then apply to the guild!smiley

Cmon guyz...i need some help...this ain't a stupid guild that will be canceled in 3 days....only if you help tho..

I accept all people who need a guild for now,to get started..then growing up,the guild will become more solid and competitive,but these things can't happen in 1 day...

anyone who has some force of will join us...you won't regret it smiley

A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N for anyone that's interested...just helping

I'm looking for a fun guild that will accept a level 5

Hi ! Join Fair Tigers ..


The funnest guild ever. We'll make tournaments, put a market in subjects ,help you achieve the top and more.

Find out by joining the guild.
Lvl 17+ accept
Active players are welcome.

If you like any of these clans then feel free to join my guild.
The clans are: pussycats, jungo, piranas, gheist, la junta, all stars and rescue.

Here is the URL to the guild: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=441308

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