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monday 09/10/2017

I have
23 Ongh 0 exp 125k/h 2.875m
Ymirah cr 0 exp 1.37m
Xantax Robb cr 0 exp 1.08m
Vickie cr 4* semi 1.4m
3 ratanah my 1.5m
Jackie cr full 600k
And many small Lots and crsto make up any difference like
8 oon cr 0 exp 400k
Shann cr full
Gil cr full
Rowdy cr full
Lizbeth cr 4*
Quetzal full
Kolos cr 0 exp
Striker cr full
Mona cr full
Veenyle cr full
Spiaghi cr full
Spiaghi cr 0 exp
Big 5
Djk 10.5
Guru 11.5
Kiki 11.75
General 9.5
Lyse 10.6

Cash buy.
Put in my private sale for 5,25, 000 for instant cash. Will buy any number.

Looking to sell these cards
Lamar Cr full xp
Marlysa Cr 0 xp x2

And looking to buy these cards
Guru Cr any xp
Kiki Cr any xp

I can pay some cash and trade in cards message me with offers thanks

Cannibal Jo is one of the very few Cr's I'm not interested in. Crs including Tessa Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Lemar Cr, Miss Twice Cr are what I'm hoping for or I can give some additional cards if one of the big 5 is on offer.

Cards selled, close this tread


sunday 08/10/2017

Didnt specified enough i dont want bulk trades

Also have marshal dakota and kenny mt for trade

I'm looking for a Cannibal Jo (2.3M)

I'm offering
Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp (1.1M)
Ymirah Cr full (900k)
total 2.3M

Well, i think i'm just gonna sell it for cheaper price on market.

I have ymirah 0xp and a award cr 0xp for trade

im looking for( all full xp):

below 200k usable cr's full xp

all of the la junta and riots non cr cards full xp


Sold to 1 2 3 3 2 1 for 21500. Thank you for participating in auction and see you in the next auction. Hopefully I can find much expensive card.

There ya go, price differential is a thingsmiley

Also accepting schatzi 500k smiley

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