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thursday 08/02/2018


I have for trade

1x Vickie Cr Full 3.3m
3x Maana Cercei 0xp 725kea
4x Maana Cercei Levelled/Full xp 700kea
18x Surstorming 185kea

Looking for any of

Armanda Cr 0xp
Marlysa Cr 0xp
Xantiax Robb
Kerozinn Cr
Tessa Cr
Dounia Mt
Reine Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Kalindra Cr

May accept other stuff and happy to negotiate via pm

Sweet I see it now, I’ll send it over

As it's gmt +0 , (12:06 am) the auction is over !! smiley .

And please no more pms about me selling or trading these cards , it's finished now.
Thanks for the opportunity. smiley

wednesday 07/02/2018

I have one Dwain CR, level 2 to trade for 3 Kolos + 50 k


Im trading my #Maana Cercei full xp for Rage full xp or 0 xp + 180k.
Private message me thanks smiley


Shawoman Cr (3.94M)

- Lamar Cr (3.90M)+30k of complement
- Miss Twice Cr (1.90M)+#Tanaereva Cr(1.5M)+500k of complement
- Splata Cr (3.84M)+80k of complement

I can still get it through a private sale

Hi guys i wanna trade my Emeth Cr 0xp for a Emeth Cr full + Compliment

Compliment can be Hemdall or Melvin, or 50k

PM me

Willing to go as low as 35k/h for large offers

Ymirah no longer available

tuesday 06/02/2018

If u still need one, pm me. Have full xp

Full exp Flo Cr

Hello i sell 40 Asporov full xp for 5k each

Possible To trade vs Barden 45k and Judge Lynch 220k

If you buy all 4 you can pay 150K/T - 600K total.

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