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thursday 07/09/2017

Offer still available . I have 2 serfina 0xp

I want to trade my General cr + 1.5m cash for Guru cr

I can trade General + 1.5m for Guru

Already get one, thx

OK, I want for 7M, send me


• Guru Cr Level 1 - sold to hobodobo - 50 Clintz. (Private)
• Kiki Cr Level 5 - bought from hobodobo - 50 Clintz. (Private)

wednesday 06/09/2017

Bump anyone up for the trade smiley

For cheap cards, such as this it really is just easier to sell them on the market.

I would buy a LaFleur for 18k, I know this is about 6k down on the current cheapest one, but I really only have a few clintz over 18k so that is all I can offer. Anyone selling?

tuesday 05/09/2017

Just tired Queen smiley and i think that one of my favorite singers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVUO8WZv2RI smiley

monday 04/09/2017

Hi would like to buy all Dorian 0xp at 21k

Just put all in my PS

Some nice soul decided to adopt my poor 0xp clintz to show how wonderful world can be, so they will gain some REAL experience. He was so happy how well i raised them, that i got My dreamt Manon as a reward. There is a finish of our great shared journey. Thanks for all of you, who was with me, as even if you only clicked this topic, it means you wanted to help.
Have a nice future!

sunday 03/09/2017

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