monday 30/01/2017

Want to buy a don. It cant be level or 5 or part xp level 4. anything else is ok

I offer 27k clintz

I can no longer send you messages
the answer for your question is
OK prices slightly changed since this morning, no zhu tang and I give you 4k. Deal with it?

I can give you cards From caelus to Ruru
They are 1050k you can use calculator smiley

Hi all
I'm searchin for Kerozinn (1.2 kk) and Marlysa (2.4kk)
I offer for trade:
1 Lamar cr (1.8kk)
2 Ymirah cr 0 xp (2x750=1.5 kk)
1 Geuner Cr 0 xp (330k)

If interested pm me!

Trading 4 * toro cr for gil cr + veenyle cr and 3 * toro cr + 20k for mechakolos

Can anyone trade a Raam for my Chiara cr plus 10k clintz?

sunday 29/01/2017

90 spyke cr 0exp?

Aegis no longer needed

BUY Haze 33K 0XP
Sen it
tnx smileysmiley

20 hindelga 0 xp --> 25k/u


Aldebaran Cr sold, i only have:

Rowdy Cr 0XP 93k Clintz
2x Diyo Cr 0XP 150k Clintz

I'd like to sell them for clintz or trade them (with an additional 57k clintz) for a Tanaereva Cr. Maybe I'm interested in lower valued (but min. 100k clintz) Crs. Only sell or trade, I don't want to buy!

saturday 28/01/2017

And ? O_o smiley

How about your Charlie for my Globumm?

You can keep the 9k compensation smiley

Transaction done

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