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tuesday 09/01/2018

No thanks I'm running low on clintz rn

Kiki received

1 more Cr to go lol

monday 08/01/2018

No just want a Tranny smiley

Haha...should I be happy or scared..I don't know tbh..smiley

I trade my dj korr cr 0xp (18,5M clintz) for general cr any xp (16M) + splata cr any xp (2,5M)

Haha. Thanx guys. Finally I can sleep..smiley

Yup m from 2016 batch

Cards sent and offer received
closing thread

My Lamar Cr full for your
Smokey Mt + Kenny Mt + 1mil clintz

Cards sent and offer received!
Closing thread

260k for each. Pm me.

This is what I offer for either:

Cannibal Jo Cr 6m
Vickie Cr 3.1m
Xantiax Robb Cr 2.7m
Tanaereva Cr 1.3m
Dounia Mt 1.6m
Jackie Cr 1.3m
Kalindra Cr .845m
Butcher Braxton .75m
Blaaster Cr .65m
Marshal .55m

TOTAL: 18.8m

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