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sunday 03/09/2017

- A Award Cr = 390k
- Ratanah Mt (0xp)= 140k
- Chad Bread = 105k
- Chiara Cr (0xp) = 58k
- Dagg Cr (0xp) = 80k
- Dalhia Cr (0xp) = 245k
- GraksmxxT Cr (0xp) = 95k
- Heegrn Cr (0xp) = 22k
- Jane Ramba Cr (0xp) x 2 = 90k c/u
- Striker Cr = 45k
- Toro Cr = 35k
- Gil Cr = 95k

- Melissa Cr (360k)
- Ambrose Cr (400k)
- Selsya Cr (360k)
- Ombre (680k)
- Kerozinn Cr (980k)
- Vickie Cr (1.15m)
- Splata Cr (1.3m)
- Tessa Cr (1.2m)

Jajaja. with the easy thing is not to comment if you are not interested. Why are not you going to get a guru with that?smiley

I finish this game and i give away my crs for very cheap on market

at end i give all clintz too

good bye

Im looking for Sylth Cr
Please offer me your deals

Also can add 300k clintz for a Lyse teria Cr smiley

saturday 02/09/2017

From all those emotion i forgot about one important thing - I'm ready to give you my money even now! If you ever thought about selling your copy, now you dont have to wait and hope someone will use Market and buy it - Just contact me,, and you will imidiatelly have A LOT of new, fresh Clintz for your card smiley

The Toro CR has been sold. Thank you! smiley

friday 01/09/2017

Trading my 108 lvl 2 lehane for 18 full xp zatman cr comes out to even trade at 12k and 72k values per.

Will trade 6 lehane for 1 zatman until they're gone. PM me

280/T in my private smiley

Shawoman is sold!

thursday 31/08/2017

Damn you didn't even buy mine my bad. It has been sitting in PS since we talked. Glad I didn't sell it for 90k.smileysmiley

Up. Contact by PM only please

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