saturday 28/01/2017

I'm selling my THAUMATURGE CR for 300k
PM Me if you're interested smiley

I currently have:
Rhed cr 0xp 33k
Striker cr 47k
Dr copernica cr 95k
Copper cr 116k
Graksmxxt cr 79k

I'm willing to accept:
Clintz (If you buy them all, I'll sell them to you for 310k total.)
Bryan 0xp (9k apiece)
Icaro 0xp (10k apiece)
Miss slaone (6.7k apiece)
Grace 0xp (7k apiece)

Other lots or offers could also be accepted, just send me a private message or write it here.

Pandora also accepted

That a good deal xantiax Robb is OP as he's the best non-Cr

Hello! Getting ready to get together a decent deck to complete Arcade mode with and Hurricans seemed like a good pick.
Anyways, I don't really have any use for Uchtul CR as I am not a collector, but maybe another collector with these two cards are interested in it?

Be prepared to lose money, it will happen don't give up when it does.

friday 27/01/2017

Je offre.
35 toro cr 0xp ... 53k/t
635 Sam 0xp ... 300 clints/t


Aaaand he's still looking!

Hi everyone!

I buy all your Strigoi 0xp for 12k/head, in my private sales smiley

Hoffman vs 40k

Salut, je echange
419 Lea 0xp 14000/t

Pour cela je recherche(max 1)
Rass Cr 1M85
Sigmund Cr 1M4
Ombre Cr 450k
Armanda Cr 3M
Flavio Cr 1M75
Berserkgirl Cr 1M6
Shawoman Cr 1M7
Scarlett Cr 1M65
Manon Cr 1M55
Ambrose Cr 600k
Aldebaran Cr 1M45

Lot dissociable

Buying any xp Xantiax Robb for 760,000 Clintz pm or send private sale

thursday 26/01/2017

Can you do 400k clintz?

I trade a really good lot of 180 Bengal for 47k/t
What am i looking for ? :
- Ongh 0xp 145k/t (they are at 130k on the market !!!!!!)
- Quetzal 0xp 400k/t
- ymirah 0xp 720k/t
- Guru Cr 0xp 10 700 000 (i would add 2 tanaereva cr 0xp, 8 pandora 0xp and 600 000 clintz cash)
- DJ Korr Cr 0xp 10 200 000 (i would add 2 tanaereva cr 0xp, 8 pandora 0xp and 400 000 clintz cash)
- cash, but just for 40% of the final price

MP me if interested, see u soon !!! smiley

Cards sent and received.

I no longer look for vickie Cr, I no longer have 3 pr cushing, I add 1 quetzal.

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