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thursday 31/08/2017

Put your glover in my ps and I put a poppy maru in urs.

Can bump it to 28K per Dorian however can only afford 69 more smiley

I am buying a Numar for 30,000 clintz. Thank you! smiley

Don't cry like a baby about UR cards lol? Issa game right smiley

Pure?smiley I doubt it Queen.smiley

wednesday 30/08/2017

1.85 million im going to actually close this subject because i just purchased ymirah and caelus

Hi, i've to trade a dj korr cr full exp (9m200k)

I'm looking for:
Sum sam cr any exp (2.1m)
armanda cr any exp (2.1m)
Lao cr any exp (1.9m)
dragan cr any exp (1.850m)
ndololo cr any exp (1.8m)
= 9m750k

I add 500k cash or in crs smiley

Awilly. A willy.

thats a whole other level of being a dick.

I'm done. Please dele this

Hi, 17 Xantiax for 19 Ymirah?

Ambrose Cr (0Xp) = 450k
Kalindra Cr (Full Xp) = 335k
cards i need
Dregn = 90k
Dagg Cr = 67k
Clive = 34k
Fiddler = 48k
Pericles = 74k
Poppy Mary = 36k
Raam = 64k
Cardigan = 42k
Aamir = 53k and any other 25k+ clintz rares
i accept full or 0Xp
i also accept playable cr like Dalhia Cr (220k)

I can pay 700k for him (in clintz)

What you have for trade? What do you value Rage and Rex at?

tuesday 29/08/2017

I got one Globb... its worth way more than 2M but im willing to trade!

My Globb for ur Elya?

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