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sunday 07/01/2018

Rass CR - sold
Kiki CR - 2 stars, 17.5 or accepting trades

120k cash right now

An update on my previous offer: I would trade my Scarlett Mt for a Manon Mt, preferably 0xp, and for a Cr out of this list
Shawoman Cr
Armanda Cr
Lao Cr
Or I'll trade Scarlett for one of the Big Five, excluding General.
Sum Sam Cr

Even swap x1 each. x2 max if requested.

I will like to trade my Scarlett for a Manon preferably with 0xp

Oh? before u had to ask the admin's i guess i need to keep myself up to date haha

Admin close this please trade is done thank you.


Im looking for Marlysa Cr Full (3.5M) or 0 eXP (3.65M).

I have 1.8 M in clintz and ill offer cards worth the other amount of clintz.
Private message please.Negociable

Haha. Thanks old friend. No need now. Thanxsmiley

Ill trade my 0xp behemoth for your 0xp quetzal straight trade?

I can, however, throw in a lil bit more if you're willing to sell cards on the market to make 10 mill.

And it goes to xantosian. Check ps

I have
#General Cr 0xp
Aldebaran Cr 0xp
2 Chad Bread Cr 0xp
Dalhia Cr 0xp
Emeth Cr 0xp
8 #Ymirah Cr 0xp
#Lizbeth Cr 0xp
Mechakolos Cr 0xp
Mona Cr 0xp
20 #Shann Cr 0xp
Shaakarti Cr 0xp
6 Rowdy Cr 0xp
2 Ongh Cr 0xp
4 Toro Cr 0xp
4 #Spyke Cr 0xp
100 Agnes 0xp
100 Toorg 0xp
80 Icaro 0xp
70 June 0xp
70 Henry 0xp
50 Floyd 0xp
40 Blink 0xp
20 #Dregn 0xp
15 Ursula 0xp
10 Ramath
10 XU-Kr4ng

I want
Guru Cr
#Lyse Teria Cr
DJ Korr Cr Full
#Cannibal Jo Cr
Jim Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Beltran Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Selsya Cr

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