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friday 16/01/2009


We are a really fun guild that isnt looking for players level 7 onwards.
We will alos do our best to support you as a guild.

Yeah I know how you feel in three days no members guild destoyred.

Join and get your freee card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wednesday 14/01/2009

Come on evrydoby! join our guild!smiley

The M.O.Bs Boards are active daily. I'm on almost everyday

Only if you're willing to keep all our CRs too.... smiley

Come on ppl dont be shy

tuesday 13/01/2009

Please join it is a very good guild

Please close this.

Oh come on join the golden trouble gun today lots of fun you will be so happy that you joined need to write a link in google (no you dont the link is here) http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=427021 just click on that

Guild:408275 a pretty fun guild.

But the guild isn't running up yet.

Please Put something like

[RECR] Great British Warriors

If not some wont know what this is... At Least Put [RECR] in it

monday 12/01/2009

sunday 11/01/2009

Check out Elite Army, we are soon changing to having members who level 15 + so join quickly smiley
We have over 40 members and we are very active on the game and forums!


Please lock this topic, i have made a new one smiley

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