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sunday 11/01/2009

Sure i'll join

I just made one too

saturday 10/01/2009

Random 4ever
banana apple pie squared

Help low lvls very fun and active guild so if u join this guild we will become number 1 in USA smiley

So erm, now that the dust is settled, i guess this thread can be closed...smiley

@ General: Try too include why JSA is a good Guild. Then Maybe More players will join smiley

friday 09/01/2009


thursday 08/01/2009

If your looking for a guild that is fun and active then you found the right guild. chat about your strategy and wins with others and join tournaments and repesent your people!! Join by useing this link,



Guild:422185 plz join.smiley

wednesday 07/01/2009

Yeah this is a best guild

tuesday 06/01/2009


Join lawlesschaotic very active guild which has a guild bank and can u help u improve onur deck so join LLC


monday 05/01/2009

M8 ill think

If we had a lv 40 we would make touriments

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