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monday 26/03/2018

Or straight trade for #cannibal jo cr

sunday 25/03/2018

Closing this. You can contact me by PM smiley

2.5 million straight clintz. Will negotiate if needed just message me, thank you smiley

I have a suggestion why do not you make a lottery?

Im selling Tsubame full xp to anyone that wants it. I want to get rid of it fast. So if interested please contact me quickly. And also If you would like Yoshida, also contact me. Thanks!

Cookiz will have the cards in his ps very shortly ty matrix

Moving to fr forums,pm if interested , thanks now closing.

saturday 24/03/2018

Check your privates ells. Dakota sent.

2 x Butcher 0xp
6 x Bambino 0xp
1 x Schatzi 0xp

Pm if interested

Buy Dragan Cr full or 0xp
3,5 Mk in cash in my Sp

Hahaa. Thanks guys for the bumps!

Hey guys!
I have a great deal for you 1 Tessa Cr for a Vickie Cr both full.

If striker is 0xp...

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