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thursday 01/01/2009

Join crush kill destroy. we have plenty of active members and we can help you with your deck. we also give cards at intervals of 5 levels once you hit level 15. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=412437

wednesday 31/12/2008

Pls close

tuesday 30/12/2008

He joined hells resurrection i think mods u can close this now....>.<

Check out Elite Army, we are mainly made to have more fun on urban rivals, by having tournaments and lottos. Although we ask to donate cheap cards to us for our events, but you dont have to.


We are not all imperators, but we need new members. we also have many prizes. if you want to apply use this link.

monday 29/12/2008

Sup dude you should probably come check us out. No Harm in that. All the things you want we have.

The guild is all about TEAMwork we all put in a part. We do everything we can to HELP each other to get better, stronger, and smarter. If you have question we will try to answer them the best we can. In the future we will be holding Tournaments and Events, but we need you to join and commit to this Amazing Guild. Our goal is to be the most powerful, respected, and well known Guild Army in Clint City!

Recruiting Requirements:
- Lvl 17+ and somewhat active
-Of any country and speak some english
-Play Fair

NOTICE! Today, Tuesday, and Wednesday(29,30,31) we are accepting lvl 15+ HURRY before for the DEADLINE.

Please Close Or Delete This Topic. I have create a new one!

Check the pm i sent you smiley

Check Out Elite Army, we are soon starting tounuments, but currently have a couple of lottos going on. We also sell and trade cards under market price!


Check out Elite Army, we have tournaments, give-aways and many lottos!. Many of us are low, but soon hopefully we can recruit some higher leveled players!.


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Arore Kriminal Rulesmiley

sunday 28/12/2008

Looking for an active level 40+ to host tournaments in my guild Zerodead Force. If interested please post.

I found one please close

Zerodead Force Is a guild with a firm foundation in it's well set out Message Board and well ratio'd leaders:members.
Currently A Lvl. 1 Kolos Is up for graps as part of their annual Joke contest.
Disregard The admittance Lvl. specification of above 20. At the moment we are looking to recreate a solid member base and work with our fellow Rivallers to achieve our goals.
Take it from a Tourer;
Zerodead Force is definately worth Stopping by.

Lol star wars 501st legion on battle front 2 nice

saturday 27/12/2008

Guild has been deleted smileysmileysmiley

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