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thursday 24/08/2017

I would like to trade 4 Kenny Mt 0xp for 1 Marlysa cr any xp.

Pm for faster reply


wednesday 23/08/2017

SavvyHavvyHoA : You are just kidding ussmiley

I want a General Cr too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

Hello Rivals!
I pay 500 clinz per card.

Private sale to me please.

Thanks smiley

I zahle 500 clinz pro Karte.

Privater Verkauf an mich bitte smiley

I have rage x3 (0xp) and (0xp) Impera Sloane x2 and 1 Alec Mt (full)

tuesday 22/08/2017

Seems no one is interested. Closing the thread.smiley

Thank you smiley

Dakota was going down and I thought that it was going to reach about 100k or even less. Now it's price raised >.

7 Lin Xia 0xp in your private sales smiley

Yep sorry you guys i got now Kolos Cr in the building xD

monday 21/08/2017

Deal. Gonna lock the thread

Thanks smiley

Will trade just let me know what cards you need?

Prices gone up, I'll pay more to reflect that.

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