wednesday 14/06/2017

Don't worry. it will return to 3.2 in no time.

Hi guys i have to trade these cards for Kerozinn Cr:

12 Cortez Full [65k ea]
100 Sukareto 0xp [12k ea]
Kalindra Cr 0xp [310k]

I value Kerozinn CR at 1M20K

pm me if you're interested in making a deal or with other CR offers you might have

No. As chance would have it I just sold my full exp Jim Cr.

Can make the price be somewhere between 680k to 720k

tuesday 13/06/2017


I want to sell or trade my 2x Flavio Cr, 1 is 0xp and 1 is full xp,
I estimate one copy at around 1,7M
If you're interested PM me with your offers, mostly looking for cash and playable CRs, no lots

Thanks smiley

I am looking to trade Melissa Cr.
I value her at 530k(20k less than market value).
I am willing to trade for card + clintz.
Interested in Maana Cercei, Victor Van Dort, Shann Cr.

monday 12/06/2017

State price, would like a discount


I have a 0xp Kiki CR to trade for your Guru CR at any level.

I am willing to negotiate!

PM me smiley.

Current profit for other person is +50k

sunday 11/06/2017

I give 500 000 for Ombre Cr and no 1 clint more.

Looking for Lyse full xp, I'm offering:
260 rubie 0xp (16k pd) 4160k
10 maana cercei ox (180pd) 1800k
kerozinn cr 0xp 1400k
10 impera sloane 0xp (115k pd) 1150k
2kk cash

contacts by pm! please!

Hi, I sell Emeth Cr, but if anyone want to trade with Quetzal aare welcome

Hi, I sell Emeth Cr, but if anyone want to trade with Quetzal aare welcome


I'm offering 1.4m clintz as well as 3 copies of 0xp Quetzal in exchange for Marlysa Cr.
Hit me with a phat in game message if you're interested

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