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tuesday 30/01/2018

@Crimer nope, he's toppled playable ages ago. I'd say he's so meta rn that you must have him.
So contact me and get your very own Flavio Cr TODAY! With 50k clintz discount!

All saki sold 1 regina left

Mods , pls close this thread . deal done

We are done, Shoxie wins

Bought enough closing for now smiley

Thank you smiley

If you had any other card in mind let me know

monday 29/01/2018

Let me know who would like to trade dj kor for my guru.

S4V3's bid doesn't count since it went over the time limit.
3 judge + 530k = 1.16m
0 KinG Cookiz wins!

210k now for 0xp smiley

Sorry just got back home.
Since i'm accepting Crs and Clintz only, the winner is I Am FNG

Looking to trade my 0xp Copper Cr for full xp+25k
possible 2 times

Wouldnt pay 40 mil for her, even if i had 100 mil clintz on my hand. Worth maybe 10-15 mil at most.

Guru cr?

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