tuesday 14/03/2017

Hi everybody,
I´m looking for 15-20 El Divino 0xp.
I pay 34000 clintz for each card.
Thank you!
kind regards


Post 2?

Pm trading my quetzal and kenny for ymirah

monday 13/03/2017

Can you estimate all the cards your cards + the cards you search ?

J'offre la totalité de la collection non-Cr (9,75 millions) pour General Cr (8,25 millions), Lyse Teria Cr (9 millions), Kiki Cr (9 millions), DJ Korr Cr (9,75 millions) ou Guru Cr (10,5 millions).

Looking for ymirah cr and mona cr pm

saturday 11/03/2017

Traded with Demokritus.

I'm buying Impera Sloane and Rex Sweig for 110 k each. I need only one. (Impera and rex)

I offer the entire non-Cr collection (9.75 million) for General Cr (8.5 million), Lyse Teria Cr (9 million), Kiki Cr (9.4 million), DJ Korr Cr (10.5 million ) or Guru Cr (10.7 million). If you throw a Guru Cr or DJ Korr Cr my way, I will also throw in every Cr I have collected (worth about 1.5 million).

Looking to trade my Noctezuma Cr, Dr Copernica CR, Ruru, or possibly other 20-40k cards for Maana Cersei. Pm offers smiley

Trade My Guru Cr 0xp 10.8M
Your Xantiax Robb Cr 620K or Ymirah Cr 600k or Clintz

friday 10/03/2017

Hi, trade 110 Aegis Oexp 52k/t !!


- Dragan Cr Oexp 2M
- Scarlett Cr Oexp 2M
- Lao Cr Oexp 1.9M
- Aldebaran Cr Oexp 1.6M

Only Oexp.

General Cr 0xp
And Lamar Cr Full?

thursday 09/03/2017

No. i need kiki cr atleast + 1,5 M about

Voici ma liste de CR / Here is my list of CR . Je propose 11m en CR vs 1 b5 / I propose an offer of 11m by big5.

Envoiez moi un message direct quand vous avez une idée/Pm ASAP me when you have an idea !


wednesday 08/03/2017

My Kenny cr for your robb cr

Hi again everyone, so I have decided to close this as I have no Clintz. It seems really silly to buy when I have nothing, so I will leave it there and will return for a more successful amount of Clintz to stock up on your hive cards. A updated list will be done to measure a more better market of Blaze for you smiley

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