saturday 17/12/2016

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When he sent it to me, I couldn't accept it lmao xD

Like the title says, I am selling some of my Cr cards.

Ambrose Cr 635k
Dwain Cr 385k
Ombre Cr 4535k
Thaumaturge Cr 370k
Nahi Cr 440k
Beltran Cr 325k
Swidz Cr 395k
Caelus Cr 320k
Blaaster Cr 340k
Kreen Cr 310k
Alec Cr 700k

All of my Cr cards are at 0 exp
Feel free to PM me if you are interested.

friday 16/12/2016

Anyone willing to sell at 1.2mil?

I will buy Blaaster Cr for 280-300K send me private offer and message smiley

5 Kalindra Cr 0exp left, and here is the updated list of wants:

Miss Twice Cr - 630k
Reine Cr - 560k
Selsya Cr - 540k
Ambrose Cr - 515k
Jim Cr - 420k
Seldnor Cr - 310k
Melissa Cr - 415k
Nahi Cr - 400k
Dwain Cr - 350k
Skullface Cr - 355k
A Award Cr - 330k
Beltran Cr - 325k
Dounia Cr - 315k
Cassio Cr - 260k
Swidz Cr - 250k
Geuner Cr - 225k

Ok for me i give you : 1×Splata Cr
1× Kerozinn Cr
1×Manon Cr *1
1×Marlysa Cr
1x Miss Twince Cr
And 1 kk by cash

for dj korr

Je recherche:

1) 1.5m Cash
2) vickie cr + jackie cr
3) kerozinn cr + 50k


If you take 3 Tanaerva 0 tho you can level one yourself and still have 2 at 0xp for future collectors

thursday 15/12/2016

Like title says,my Korr for your Guru.
Pm me!

If you are looking for certain cards just ask and ill let you know If i have it or not

Looking to rid myself of my rescue deck. theyre all maxed xp thought i alec marco and sledg along with other very good expensive cards. interested?

wednesday 14/12/2016

Sorry I'm looking for aegis smiley

Take 3 marina, and ask me when you get more aegis! x)

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