sunday 16/04/2017

saturday 15/04/2017

I offer Kerozinn Cr and 900K for Lao Cr

If anyone's interested, I'll keep this up for 2-3 more days then close it.

Cards sent to OC founder Izy7 for proving to be the most active guild. Time to close this thread for now. See you guys soon!

friday 14/04/2017

I sell 32 miyo 16k each

Im also looking for Mac hen full and 0xp for the same price smiley

My Tessa Cr 0xp for your Elya Cr

thursday 13/04/2017

Also have 1300 el papa gallo 0xp

As title.
You can make other offers but I do not guarantee I will accept them.
Thank you!

Hello, looking to sell my 15x Dashiell full at 6k e/a
I accept cash or card trades, mainly looking for :

Toro Cr 0xp 20k e/a
Dashra 0xp 5k e/a
Baba 0xp 250 e/a

Also open to offers, cheers!

Still looking

If you have one to trade pm me

wednesday 12/04/2017

☆my Copper Cr 0xp (101k) + 5k cash
☆your Raam 0xp (106k)

tuesday 11/04/2017

I am offering 100 copies of Rolph for 12k each, all full experienced.

I am also trading against smaller lots or selling directly.

Pm me for faster response

I sell ombre cr full for 485k or I trade for Cards of 50k or more

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