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saturday 14/10/2017

Sorry that is currently the only method as trade system is being revised

Saludos cambio mi Hawkins Cr 0xp más un complemento de 25 000 clintz por un Pr Cushing Cr

friday 13/10/2017

No sorry

Schatzi 600k not seradina sorry

Please write the name of the card and prize plzz sell them cheap

I rather have clinz in my account but invest in good cards as soon i see a good invest smiley and sell later for profit why because i didnt reached the 100m clinz yet thats why when i do i buy all the cards i guess smiley HAPPY END.

I'll sell you 2.25k copies of one card if you can guess it.

Already bought 6x Quetzal 0xp.

Still looking for:

- 3x Serafina 0xp (1: 400k; 2: 410k/un; 3: 425k/un)
- 1x Maana Cercei 0xp/fullxp (310k)

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