monday 10/07/2017

Around 80k in card(s) or cash

I have 37 Surstorming 0xp that I wish to trade.

I am open to offers but mainly clintz.

I value at 38k/t

Meredith solded..
If no one is interested on the others cards..smiley

Nobrodroid 0xp 9k each
Kuei 0xp 9k each

PS smiley

sunday 09/07/2017

4000k cash +15 ratanah mt 0xp (3,2kk)+200 rubie 0xp (2,7kk)+ beltran cr 0xp (410k)+5 charlie 0xp (450k)+ 1 maana cercei 0xp (205k)+ 1 quetzal 0xp (270k)=
11.275.000 for dj korr

I am ONLY interested in trading for a full xp Kiki Cr. Pm me if you would like to trade.

Solomon 0 xp 9.9k
vholt 0 xp 11k
melody 0 xp 66.6k
morphun 4.8k

doy de complemento 2k si son 0xp

Clover full xp 44.5k
brianna full xp 19.8k
fixit full xo 16.8k
zoe full xp 27k
Willy full xp14.9k
rattle full o 0xp 30k
shaker full o 0xp 22.2k

también estoy interesada en cambiar.
me interesan:

ahkab full o 0xp 17.4k
red cr full o 0k 40k
iron jaw full o 0xp 38.8k
parmabarb full o 0xp 18k
bloodh full o 0xp 34k
amiral coco full o 0xp 8.9k
raskal full o 0xp 9.8k
scubb full o 0xp 8.4k

Doy o acepto complemento, GRACIAS!

Looking for Pandora + Vermaire or 70k clintz

Check ur ps smiley

Just want to know if anyone is interested before i level it up

Will add a 200k value compliment due to price drop smiley

I'd like to trade my Dj Korr Cr (full exp) with either Guru Cr or Kiki Cr

due to similar market prices no need for extra cards/cash

I m lookin for yamirah cr. I ll trade diyo and skullface cr (both0xp).Pm me if u interested.

saturday 08/07/2017

I trade my manon cr 0xp for 22 Copper Cr
Or sell
I accept offers

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