friday 07/04/2017

Trade has been completed with UM Boss, I'll shut this thread down now! smiley

I'll take the Scarlett Cr trade smiley

Purchase 100 2.5 K each

thursday 06/04/2017

Can close, thanks levi_72 smiley

Or graksmxxt

wednesday 05/04/2017

It's solled thx for the offers guys smiley

tuesday 04/04/2017

In your private sell

monday 03/04/2017

Will trade 3 kenny cr + 20k for xantiax robb cr
2 kenny cr + 70k for tanaereva cr
1 kenny cr for nereus
Or vickie cr for all 3

Nah i sold em sry :/

sunday 02/04/2017

Done closing thread

Yea some people use kk to signify millions which is why I understood what you meant but it doesn't happen often here in UR, surely people would be suspicious but some may not understand what kk signifies

I`ll make trade for markets price in that moment + some bonus from me. I`ll trade my Jim Cr for any Cr from the list.

Done, plz also check your Ps, thanks.

It's OK for me...

Oops Scarlett Cr revised price 1,850,000

saturday 01/04/2017

You need to state the price of your cards and the cards you search

I sell dj korr for 8.3 milion clintz or 5 milions + 4 m in card with no double copy and no new blood

friday 31/03/2017


I change Ymirah Cr 0xp for 72 Dashra 0xp (the change can be done 10 times).

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