thursday 29/06/2017

Could you be interested un xantiax robb cr 0xp + vickie cr 0xp

ok good day bro smiley

Sorry lol
I'm offering 1m. No cards. Just clintz.

Possible multi exchange

Xingshu can be any xp, if you want other things just pm me.

Want to buy marshal for 695k rn clintz or trade for kenny cr quetzal and 200k clintz

I'd like to trade my Pandora 0xp vs 1 Striker Cr full +5k cash smiley

Looking for Ymirah/Noctezuma or playable cr's for my sum sam cr

pm me if interested

Sold, not to ^him to someone else

wednesday 28/06/2017

No to both.
Zi0n- I don't want Regina
Aitros- you are about 10k off.

Hi ...
I sell 55 Toro 0xp ... 47k/each.

All but Dragan Cr is bought

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