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saturday 17/02/2018

I am buying all Ludmilla's for 1200/t Send them my way and I will take them off your hands!

Only the one above knows

King Cookiz Wins.

I can now only do the trade offer 21 times smiley

I also accept 160xPr Priest 0xp.

Forgot the Cr, thx Asuna.

I am willing to trad Newell and 66K for Kompact as Newell is going for 184K right now if anyone is interest

All cards must go!!!!
CR's for cards listed.
Poppy Mary 50k/c max 5
Victor Van Dort 54k/c max 5
Judge Lynch 219k/c max 5
Dakota 240K/c max 5
Marshall 618k/c max 5
Butcher Braxton 650k/c max 5

CR's I have available
13 Rhed Cr
5 Sledg Cr
2 Greem Cr
1 Dolly Cr
1 Dr Norton Cr 0XP
1 Sylth Cr 0XP
1 Zatman Cr

Other cards available
100 Simeon
201 Ector
796 Ludmilla
9 Danae
8 Sheryl
5 Daussone
4 Dante
4 Ulrich
3 Bianca
3 Puff
3 Greesh
3 Spycee
3 Gran Vista
3 Jose Star
3 #Dr Falkenstien
2 #Janie
2 Jessica
2 Liam
2 Glenn
2 #Tailjion
2 Damian
2 Cyan
2 Tula
2 Kristin
2 Wheeler
2 Bill
2 Tanner
2 Tyd
2 Aylen
2 Sasha

I also have a
A number of other CR's I will be able to part with VIA PM

25k off of any of my Lots that aren't CR's!

M me with what Cr you want

If only my Reserver was met... Which It wasnt lol.. I vaule her at 1.5k per a card. you put a bid up of less than that >.< I would have accepted a little lower smiley

Do I win???


My Lyse Teria Cr (22M) for your 4 Nemo Mt 0exp (5M each one) + 2M

I can do all of them for 2.75 mil.

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