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tuesday 03/10/2017

1 2 3 3 2 1 took all but Maa-Ia. It's just gone real fast.

Can we get a mod to shut this down. It's obvious that the number has been guessed, that or abc doesn't intend to finish this.

monday 02/10/2017

Hi Merlin - I've PMd you...

Selling 100 Streex 0 xp and 175 Herman 0 xp
pm me with offers thanks

17x Kenny Mt for DJ Korr Cr or Guru Cr
34x Kenny Mt for both

sunday 01/10/2017

Estime of Nocte 0xp?

Wanting to buy as many 0xp Dorian as possible 35k each. Put them in my PS

I'll rochambeau you for them. smiley

I buy Toro 0xp for 85k (max 200)
Spyke 0xp for 80k (max 150)

saturday 30/09/2017

My 1 Xantiax Robb Cr for your 4 Marshal

What are you on about?
Market price for Cletus is 10k

friday 29/09/2017

I buy all gil 0xP for 130k in vp smiley

i have 10m cash for buy

Oops Typo. I meant complement but you can keep complimenting still = D

Oh sorry, i was about to close it.

all cards have been sold

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