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sunday 10/12/2017

Mojita is 3.9k 0xp on market :/

saturday 09/12/2017

Drop me a PM if you are interested that way ill reply asap!

Iv sent you a private sale for one on 0xp for 450k mate

Yes it means head as in each one

Selling Lin Bee 0xp for 60k, pm me if interested

Looking for Dounia Mt any exp 1.7M

Hefty Full XP = 38k
Hefty O XP= 42k
Put them directly in private sale.
I can also offer cards, pm me if you would like an exchange

PM if you interested in the trade, thank you.

I am looking for Newell 0 exp (310k)
I offer 1 #ymirah cr 1.6m vs 5 Newell 0 exp
Also #cannibal jo cr full xp (6m) + 200k cash vs 20 Newell 0 exp
These trades can be done multiple times so pm
I will also buy all Newell at 300k individually so just pm when they are in my ps
I have other crs as well and playable cards for trade for your Newell


Today my #DJ Korr 0xp which I value at 18m.

I look for

Jackie Cr 0xp (1m)
Caelus Cr 0xp (690k)
Newell 0xp (300k)
#ratanaha mt 0xp (550k)

Other offers accepted by pm.

I offer a 40k compliment pm me looking for a few

She’s around 220k as of this posting, I’m not looking to buy I’m looking to [trade] for her. Feel free to ask for specific cards/combos but here are some I can offer... Iron jaw locke raven balthazar karl rahi seldon beeboy pilzken those would be like a two card combo for Shinobi right now. If the price is off by a little I will make up in cash. Or if there’s a 3 card deal etc...

Okay sent to both smiley Closing this now

Still available. Don’t say you want the trade and when contacted, you mentioned it was sold. Lol

Looking to buy bulk Chip
800 PU any xp!!

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