thursday 18/05/2017

Tanaereva Cr sold! Thank you for the business guys!

I guess a 4200 clintz t/t more or less i've 50 timmy 0 xp thanks for attention smiley

Quetzal 135k each
maana cercei 155k eachsmiley

Only Noctezuma trade is left thanks

lacking the estimations of the cards you search .

Hello everyone, I am selling my Alec Cr Full at 450k.

I also accept the following 0xp cards:

Schumi 3k each
Scylla 2k each
Hal Gladius 1k each
Cristopher 1k each

Combinations can be made.

Example: 100k in cash + 60 Schumi + 60 Scylla + 25 Hal Gladius + 25 Cristopher.

A greeting!

Ok for marlysa + 100k and missed twice

wednesday 17/05/2017

Hey guys,

I would like to trade 2 Spyke Cr 0xp for 1 Quetzal 0Xp

Send me a message if you are interested !


That's my offer smiley

There is no way awilly can compete, 2d waifu > anything 3d sorry fam

Hi i'm looking to sell my Page Cr (Full Xp) - (210k) selling for 185k

Vickie Cr isn't 1.5 m. Her price will fall again to 900k-1 m.

130K i need one?

Hi Cooper Cr(184k) + Rage?

tuesday 16/05/2017

Wanna buy Jackie Cr for 360k
Sell Ambrose Cr and Tanaereva Cr for 410k each

I buy 2 argos

Hi! Send me Jackie Cr for 370k smiley

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