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tuesday 25/07/2017

Interested in bulks of :
100 Antoinette , 200 mandrak , 100 miloz . 200 arantxa , 100 james . 200 choko , 200 oxo , 100 baka , 100 artueo ?? all 0 xp

Aha Haha, well then its 11mill for djkorr then so there is no misundertanding

London is the capital of the great britainsmiley

monday 24/07/2017

Not interested in bulks, sorry

[TRADE] Dr Elisa 0xp for Firebanks 0xp or full + clinz

Ok i accepte . i send u ymirah cr full

Cash , check pms.

[trade] my Manon cr(0xp)=3 Ymirah Cr(0xp)

Pm me

Add General cr (7.4m) to the research


sunday 23/07/2017

85k 0 exp Marina PM me if interested

Please familiarize yourself with the rules for sales forums and try not to make multiple threads in a matter of few hours when one would suffice. smiley

6 Globumm smiley

(Bump for no particular reason)

4 Marco Cr for 4 Noctezuma Cr?
All of them 0 exp smiley

saturday 22/07/2017

Looking to trade my rass cr , Armanda cr and 7x kolos cr for General Cr

Trading my Armanda cr , rass cr and lamar cr for Guru cr any xp

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