tuesday 14/10/2008

Would you like to try in our guild?smiley

monday 13/10/2008

No guild for recruitment. Seems like you deleted your guild. Sorry to see that.

-Thread closed-

Guild:343682 <<<<<<<< smiley

Based on elder scrolls IV? haha

HIghest elo: 1262
Highest survivor: 7 consecutive wins
i'm looking for an active guild with 20+ members.
please pm me.

You want to play in a great guild? Then punctures here down xD.

-SKM- http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=345123

Its really a good guild it rockssmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Oh forgot the guild name and link (for real I didn't do this on purpose) Fallen Legends

I'll join i guess

sunday 12/10/2008

Im an experienced player who is on actively. (38 hours over the past 2 days) If i can help anyone then i shall.

Wrong forum.. Close

I am a bit new to the site but I am not sure how to join?smiley

Pimp squad link:


This a guild that will allow individuals to show thier support for the Vancouver Canucks. Just join up and let everyone know you believe! I can't promise you there will be any guild activities or chating. I hope to get a few members quickly this is really just a way for me to get people to stop trying to recruit. Join if this is your concern as well. Go Nucks Go!!



there is the id if interested

That's ok. It doesn't take all that long ( i think (i hope)). look us up when you are level 15.

Calling all Pinoy players! Join New People's Army now and fight tyranny and corruption!! >smiley


We're accepting active pinoy players~ No Level Requirement whatsoever! smiley

My guild Winterborn is recruiting. Any level accepted. We are low right now, but with the proper help we can soar!

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