friday 28/04/2017

Wanna sell Chad Bread Cr, only today price - 50k. On market minimum offer is 59k

Only Sarah and Tasty Tast left. smiley

My Marlysa Cr 0xp (2.5m) for your Marlysa Cr full (2m) + Xantiax Robb Cr (400k)

thursday 27/04/2017

Selling armanda cr for 3.2m(clintz only) , price can be negotiate a bit , just anything not lower than 3m

If that's true then they messed up big . when doing this idea.

Will trade for cards listed in my profile.

I have 100 0xp Mango for sale or trade

I value Mango at 20,000
Looking for 2million clintz or that much in trade value (Negotiable)

Best to pm me for a quicker response

Hey guys I'm looking to sell my guru cr for 10.4m cash. The price is slightly negotiable

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i will close this , please make a new one with proper details .
Thank you smiley

Extra 10% off if bought in next 30 min

wednesday 26/04/2017

Chill your beans guys.

PM him if interested.

I'm looking for a big5 especially guru, dj korr, kiki for my 7 Rage. 2 full and 5 0xp

You can buy him on the app it's how I bought all the leaders

Ok it's sold shut it down mods

tuesday 25/04/2017

Vickie cr full +20k cash for 12 ongh cr 0 exp

75 Rolph 0 xp . 20k each. Message me! Looking for clints only

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