thursday 27/04/2017

Hey guys I'm looking to sell my guru cr for 10.4m cash. The price is slightly negotiable

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i will close this , please make a new one with proper details .
Thank you smiley

Extra 10% off if bought in next 30 min

wednesday 26/04/2017

Chill your beans guys.

PM him if interested.

I'm looking for a big5 especially guru, dj korr, kiki for my 7 Rage. 2 full and 5 0xp

You can buy him on the app it's how I bought all the leaders

Ok it's sold shut it down mods

tuesday 25/04/2017

Vickie cr full +20k cash for 12 ongh cr 0 exp

75 Rolph 0 xp . 20k each. Message me! Looking for clints only

Please delete hit
the wrong button was not finished typing postsmiley

Sold please delete this post

X1 Kerozinn Cr 0exp

The price is negotiable i only accept clintz

I put in ps already. I will close the thread soon.

Sold it smiley
I close the post

monday 24/04/2017


sunday 23/04/2017

Found, thanks everyone! smiley

Ikr such a steal.

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