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saturday 29/07/2017

friday 28/07/2017

I'll do 55 Heartnett smiley which is a 1.1 million Clint value!

125 for 200k? I'm doing this for free hugs!

I want to trade Dj korr CR for other playable CRs
Open to selling him as well.

I trade a Nahi Cr 0 xp for cash (475 000 clintz) or several cards adding up to that value. Prefenciably, I want cards from Frozn and/or Hive.
Note: I don't want Maana Cercei.

Just some advice. It will be way easier to sell all on market. Not many players would give up a Big Five member on that many cards. I could be accomplished though. Don't let me rain on your parade.

Pls close admin .

thank you

5 million +Lao cr ,Dahlia Cr,Yayoi cr for 1 General cr

***A single copy of every non-Cr card...

154 Schumi 0xp 6k each
7 Bloodh fullxp 34k each
9 Bloodh 0xp 35k each
PM for faster response

thursday 27/07/2017

I no longer have Zoe 0xp ... and there are only 2 Iris Morana 0xp

Sorry, i calculated wrong, i was in rush. 175k I think is fair. Kenny is 390k+175k (565k) for Ambrose cr 0 xp 580k curently on market.

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