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monday 13/10/2008

I'll join i guess

sunday 12/10/2008

Im an experienced player who is on actively. (38 hours over the past 2 days) If i can help anyone then i shall.

Wrong forum.. Close

I am a bit new to the site but I am not sure how to join?smiley

Pimp squad link:


This a guild that will allow individuals to show thier support for the Vancouver Canucks. Just join up and let everyone know you believe! I can't promise you there will be any guild activities or chating. I hope to get a few members quickly this is really just a way for me to get people to stop trying to recruit. Join if this is your concern as well. Go Nucks Go!!



there is the id if interested

That's ok. It doesn't take all that long ( i think (i hope)). look us up when you are level 15.

Calling all Pinoy players! Join New People's Army now and fight tyranny and corruption!! >smiley


We're accepting active pinoy players~ No Level Requirement whatsoever! smiley

My guild Winterborn is recruiting. Any level accepted. We are low right now, but with the proper help we can soar!

(Note: Sorry if this gets double posted, my browser has been weird)

A guild that is just as friendly to the senior players as well as the newbie population. If you are interested in playing with a mature group who will try their best to help you get along in this game, we are who you want to be with.

Any level is accepted! Please sign up!

For we are Winterborn.

saturday 11/10/2008

What are you about? what are you looking for ? i need more informationsmiley smiley

Please close this, I just deleted it 'cuz I ran out of days to have an oppurtunity to kept it and nobody did join.

friday 10/10/2008


thursday 09/10/2008

New Guild looking for dedicated players that want to make it to the top. We have few members and are already in the top 10 for the U.S., just think of the possibilities with more active personnel.
Please don't waste your time and our time if your not a 40+ please don't bother applying.
Requirements: LEVEL 40+ and must play frequently


wednesday 08/10/2008

Hay all its a new guild
we could use some big players to help run this thing
or just some members to this guild
but i will accept all members level 15 and up
and you MUST be a active talker in the guild message bord
ty all

Urban madness you want friends we got 300 right here URBAN MADNESS

It really ends up being personal preference, and probably first experience. the first best card i had when i started was a sentinel, so sentinel has been my favorite clan for a while since, though it's not my only one (i've tried that, it doesn't work in anything but t2)

Believe I'll be staying in OC.

Mods please close smiley

i would like to join yur guild but i dont know how and i dont see the join guild buttonsmiley

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