thursday 18/09/2008

35 members in 2 days wow ^ _ ^ shows how liked it is

Hi the diamond brothers are recruiting all h eres the link

Its recruiting srry (typo)

Hi ia ma in charge of angels vs demons. I am currently making a group of guilds called the GUILDS OF WAR. It is a group that will work together to take on everyone els. Maximum amount of guilds allowed is 15. If u want to be in it message me and i will get back to u. GET WINNINGsmiley

HEY i will recruit you.
My guilds name is [the guild of warriors]

Oh bad, my guild is called The Revolutions. smiley Here's the link:

You can join the NBA Ballers

guils link if interested:

wednesday 17/09/2008

Thanks mermaid i used to be UC-Cacroch lol in Uc

Guild link if interested

Join the NBA BAllers smiley

guil link:

Its time for the underdogs to rise up and stand are ground the urban players think there better then us well show them whos better are time is now there time is up join the Urban Downfall now we will be the best

Lets bump this post up =]


the raptors

GL Recruiting people, Eikici...

W00T ~!

Another shadow-person


thats your link.. smiley

Close please

we already have one

If you want to help an australian clan better please join us accepting any1 any country any1!!!!! please help we noly got 5 mems smiley but with your help we could be strongersmiley please help thats the link enjoysmiley

Hey im looking for a guild to join ive been on here for a month and a half and i play for like 8 hours a day or more Im ready to play and win.

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