tuesday 16/09/2008

Anyone can join smiley


monday 15/09/2008

If u want to be a true warrior and fight for your honor join us, the crazy war ccockroaches
we accept all people 15+
we will help all our members in leveling upsmiley

The revolutions
pm me if u are not happy with your new blue link

Yes i think i got this one first
good luck


link might help smiley


God everyone always gets in link before i can even try o well good luck
with your guildsmiley


GL on getting members for your guild. smiley

Sons Of Boaz

There's Your Link smiley

Always Remember The Link.. smiley


I am going to close your other recruitment thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=564379&subject_page=0

This is because of the existence of this new thread.

Having one recruitment thread is enough to try to recruit more members. Please stick to one thread. If you ever want to make an update on the old thread that you have, please do indicate on that old thread that you want it closed. This may help other players to not be confused as they search for a new guild that will suit them best.


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Um please close

sunday 14/09/2008

Im not new but im the original Talent smiley

Yeah good luck with the guildsmiley

Once a week i will give a card out .

Oh ok Join the Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos and we will give you mythical adventures in a magical way. We are also very active and friendly.

Either you have no guild or its still pending...

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Lolz.. The List Goes 0n For Ages.. . . smiley

But you DONT have to if you dont want to smiley

new havok

That link will help.

Try not to reak to much havok lolz. smiley

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