saturday 13/09/2008


founder Strafe-EVO

The Academy of Darkness

AOD Guild Link.. smiley

Gl SOD_WARRIOR.. smiley

Join my guild nba . tyy

BUMP for Let's Get Crazy

Oh we have a forum mod smiley

keep it tip top smiley

You Forgot Your Link.

Death Watch

That'll help. smiley

friday 12/09/2008

I'm now #1 in Australia for today.... does that help with anyone wanting to join? I need one or two people...cmon...


go to there put a title saying "[Buy] Buying Chad Bread Cr"

someone will answer quicker there... smiley


Link.. smiley

hehe link is a character in a game...


You forgoty your guild linky.. smiley

Join now and fight to be the best minion in the guild

Please consider on joining my clan. I'm on constantly so if you need any help, you can message me at anytime.

Here is the link to my clan :

Join East Coast Legends Academy

How do i join

Join the DESTROYER OF WORLDS guild regardles of lvl!

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