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thursday 25/09/2008

There is no need for 2 Recruitment threads mods please close one

wednesday 24/09/2008

Join Killer Angelz, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=271018, we talk about anything on the forums, we accept only Seniors and up, only level 15 and up. if you don't like it, you could leave. we need more active people, we want to start guild tourneys, there may easily be promotion opportunities in the future if you're interested, we give advice on decks when it's asked about, we give discounts selling stuff to guildmates, we have a unique recruitment system, and as previously stated, if you dont like it, you could leave after (if actually, probly after) you get in. pm me for further details. or write here. i'll probly watch this forum now.

We have 100+ members now and if you want to help us to raise our members numbers.
by being 16+ and active to join


Thats the link to your guild

G:.. smiley

We do guild tournaments , guildlotteries we have a card market
join my guild it's perfekt for your high level

tuesday 23/09/2008

Join the Skulls of Darkness


Join Sky's the Limit

Level 5+
Thread games
Advice threads
Guild Tournaments and Giveaways to come soon

Join Forever Knights

Modz pls close

Bump for


good luck guyssmiley

Not so much recruiting as letting them wander in on their own and shoving the ones that don't meet my requirements back out the door.


monday 22/09/2008

You can join the NBA Ballers smiley


If u liek naruto join my guide.

There is already a Skull of Darkness Recruitment thread I recommend this one is closed because the other one was made by the founder.

sunday 21/09/2008

This is Guild only for Polish members with 10 level and higher.
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=304628 JOIN US! smiley

Fonightly lotteries?

Onli people from level 10 an ownwards level 15 automatic admin plz help us


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