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sunday 19/10/2014


Myself and a friend recently started a guild and we need members. As of now we don't have any requirements All I ask is that you be active


Please feel free to join smiley

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friday 17/10/2014

Im frozenMeat feel free to add me

wednesday 15/10/2014

tuesday 14/10/2014

Still looking for more interested parties to join. No level requirements, no activity requirements. Play as much or as little as you want, we're all just here to have fun!

sunday 12/10/2014

I want a guild that makes the business as a takeover OPA...

Ok, sorry everyone. This guild has been accepted, but here is the correct link:


This should work for anyone wishing to join. We look forward to welcoming you into the Battltoad clan!

friday 10/10/2014

If you're looking for an active, English speaking guild then check out Urban Madness. We have a very active message board with a lot of giveaways, guild events, and threads that focus on deck building for specific gametypes. Right now we have 3 different deck threads going for ELO and Daily Tournaments, at least 5 different guild events starting, and we just concluded 3 giveaways in the last two days.

If you're unsure you could always pay us a visit and see if Urban Madness is what you're looking for.

Join Crimson Enigma, we accept everyone as long as you are lvl 10 or higher and you are active at least once a week. Join while you still can.

Crimson Enigma

Your skill does not matter, we will help you get stronger

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Still recruiting lads!

thursday 09/10/2014

Because you asked me like 5 times even after i already said no thanks. smiley

It isn't compulsory to be active but it is good if you are an active player. Feel free to apply smiley.

Hi all,

We are looking to make our guild again active.
It feels a waste for a Level 27 guild to not let other persons enjoy the full bonus of this guild.
So help us build this guild back strong and be part of it from the beginning.

de lage landen

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Thats ok, Theres no hard feelings, if you ever want to visit please do.

Inspired by the villains from fallout 3. These wasteland bounty hunters are always on the prowl for talented members to join the movement. This is a true gamers guild looking to add some new flavor to the game and put us on the map. Don't mind being a villain? Maybe this is the guild for you. It's all in good fun anyway and if you know about the fallout 3 factions you can probably appreciate the concept. If not well hey the name sounds cool right? and the logo is bad ass. It's the exact logo from the game that the faction wears on their armor. Essentially they are a group of bad ass bounty hunters taking contracts to assassinate doo gooders in the wasteland. We are here to stay and will do everything in our power to help each other out wherever possible.

Ultimately we'd like to get a high rank and be a formidable guild that can perform well against our opponents on a competitive level.

We are a new guild so giving out prizes and things like that simply is not in the books or at least not yet anyway. We are not looking to give hand outs as we aren't that sort of guild. Some clans recruit with promises of prizes but is that really a guild? or just somebody with a tonne of clintz looking to feed the vampires?

If you consider yourself an active player and you have a decent amount of experience/achievements then this new guild might be just what you are looking for.

I have already had offers of people promising to join only if I give them special rare cards but that's not what this guild is about and if you are just looking to mooch or leech. This is not where you need to be.

For a good time having fun and trying to get a good rank/increase your xp. This is that sort of clan as I stated earlier this guild will push to be a competitive one should the numbers become significant enough. But the main thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun.

monday 06/10/2014

My guild's gates are always open! smiley

Join mine,its new and hope it will be good

I think ive heard of this guild somewhere

sunday 05/10/2014

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