friday 14/09/2018

Blaaster Cr 0xp can be trade for Kalindra Cr or Jim Cr
Dwain Cr for Swidz Cr or thaumaturge cr. Adding 50k cr or clintz

Exclusive Ghoonbones card for you guys, one of a kind.

1* Altho the evos start at 2


thursday 13/09/2018

I am seeking to sell my LAO CR 0xp for clintz (~3.5m) or a combination of other cards + clintz.

Some of the cards I may accept include:
Sentenza (any xp)
Slade (any xp)
Armanda Cr (any xp) (could also add clintz to either side of trade)
Elya CR (any xp)
Ambrose Cr (any xp)
Other cards/crs of decent value will also be considered
Feel free to pm me with information at any time.

Buying Can Jo for 10.25m cash. If you want a different price we can bargain but I won't go up by a lot

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Thanku guys,ya ill be more care next time smiley

Trades done thnx

I change the Ghoonbones to 3.7k a Head
Sir lamba 3.5k a head
and stone heart 9.3k a head

I offer
Caelus Cr 0xp
Blaaster Cr 0xp
Dwain Cr full xp
Sylth Cr 0xp
And some other extra cr I have to make up difference if amount doesn't add up

Looking for
Kalindra Cr
#selysa cr
Jim Cr
Swidz Cr

Hi guysihave a Alec Mt 0xp i value at 4m

what i want :

Spyke Mt
Rattanah Mt
Dregn Mt
Caelus Cr
Jackie Cr

Exp dont matter to me PM me

wednesday 12/09/2018

Selling Dwain Cr 0xp for 620k! pm me smiley

Could we do your Armanda Cr + clintz for my 0xp Lao Cr? If you are open to this, then we can check the market prices work out a deal, pm me if you are interested.

Still looking for Lyse.

Tim I'd rather keep Nemo sorry.

Hello everyone, as I said, I'm looking for Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr (16M and 3.4M), I don't care of their xp.
I offer:
-Lamar full XP 4.5M;
-Adder 0xp x3, 1.7M each;
-Maana 0xp x2, 700K each;
-Comanche 0xp x2, 600k each;
-No love 0xp 2.5M;
-Behemoth 0xp 600K;
-Mona cr 0xp 600K;
-Marshal 0xp+Marshal lv.3, 460k each;
-Maximus 0xp x2, 320K each;
-Bryan 0xp x4, 100k each;
-1M cash.
I'd like to trade everything, without splitting it.
Thank you smiley

Can also accept A Award Cr or Melissa Cr. Will add the difference with cards smiley

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