thursday 04/09/2008

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Hey, you should consider joining the organization XIII guild. Its not necessarily small but its a really fun active guild. You dont need to be a fan of Kingdom Hearts or anything so come on and join! smiley

Sons of Boaz is currently recruiting

People of the nether world that wish to join feel free to do so!!

The Dragon God has said.

Seriously join if you want to end your boredom atm in Clint City

TZI - the zilla's INC come and join its fun

wednesday 03/09/2008

Join the skulls of darkness you can get cards there cheap

Last bump.. smiley

We are currently first in the world flag guild rankings.
Care to help us be on top in the overall ranks?smiley

This is a fun guild at first but just wait for us to be strong then we will be a mature type of guild. Hope to see you in our guild.

Heya, Organization XIII is a real fun guild. We help each other out and are pretty active so you should join! <------- Guild Link

Mods please close this post since we already have one.

tuesday 02/09/2008

Will take all somewhat experienced (aka passed level 13)

No one applied to this yet so you can join the underdogs if you want to.

Or maybe Wild C.A.T.S


Ow elite is looking for members to have fun and become part of a family not just a guild

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